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That One Song You CRAVE For

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Well, I'm sure we all know that LDR has a shitload of unleaked songs. My question is, if you could pick THREE of them to leak, what would they be?


Mine would probs be:


1 - Born Bad Baby (apparently it has something to with KOL, AKA my fave Lana song ever)

2 - Drive

3 - Dance Money (that's the old MySpace demo, right?)

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Always wanted to make this thread but didn't want to be the one who was called greedy :umadney:


However, I think about this a lot. If I had a Lana genie who would grant me anything, obviously I'd choose "Rock Me Stable" and its various counterparts on the US copyright office. However, if we're being realistic (which requires eliminating that, "Roses", and god knows what else--final HD and DY?), I've already gotten so many great titles that I'm still reeling from this year--Daytona Meth, Your Band is All the Rage, Maha Maha. To narrow it down to five that actually could happen and won't leave me thirsting for eternity:


- C U L8r Alligator

- Big Bad Wolf (Demo)

- All Smiles

- Dance Money

- W

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Party Girl :suicide:

Greenwich :suicide:

Bentley :suicide:

Kindness of Strangers :suicide:


and i know we'll probably never get it .. but


Roses :suicide:





3/5 Thank you!!!

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