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Josef Salvat

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Josef posted on IG that he has done an acoustic version of something we haven't heard before (except live) for beck!


also I just realised that his initials & first name are the same as Stalin's awks lol


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correction: it should be out BY september of this year WOOOOOOOOOOO WE COULD GET IT IN JULY OR SOMETHING





*EP gets released instead of an album. Josef Salvat ends up making porn under some bizarre name never to release music again*


Okay, way too tragic. But seriously, I just can't, I love this man.

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The version from the album sampler/single is a demo. The final version was low-key released a few days ago, you can listen to it on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/2bUEFqrgq397MdERMlpeth


Yes, the day before yesterday I was checking a couple of artists on Spotify and a notification suddenly came. When I listened to that TIFY version I was surprised! I wonder if it'll be a single...


also, Une Autre Saison (it's so much sexier in French):



Wow, don't understand how I missed this... Did he share it somewhere? We need a good quality version of it.


Not sure if anyone has it but I'm getting hold of Punchline. I'll post it when I get it. 

How? Please do! How did you find this song and someone who has it?

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