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Say Lou Lou

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I knew about them today, while I was reading to Muumuse, I found this post about this new duo Say Lou Lou and I stole Bradley's post and post it here 4 y'all. I'm in love with their sound and their look, they remeber me of ABBA and Cher (talking about look).






And now, it’s time for a long overdue introduction to Say Lou Lou, the gorgeous Swedish-Australian twin sister act.

(They grew up shuttling in between Stockholm and Sydney. Thus, they are Swedish-Australian.)

When the duo was first being buzzed about last year, they went by the name Saint Lou Lou, but they’ve since switched over to Say Lou Lou. (Or SAY! Lou Lou, as Legendtina might say.)


Say Lou Lou’s 2012 debut single, “Maybe You,” is perhaps one of the more perfect songs I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s heartbreaking and gorgeous and nostalgic and lump-in-throat-inducing; a song so intimate and melancholy that when it plays, time itself seems to stop—at least for a moment. Or something like that, at least.

It helps, also, that the accompanying Philippe Tempelman-directed video is a slow-motion work of art.




Following their debut (the official video’s racked up well over 300,000 views, not too shabby for a debut), the sister act hit the road to perform across Europe, including an opening slot on Hurts‘ tour. They’ve also lent their dreamy vocals toGoldroom‘s bouncy, ’80′s synth-pop inspired “Sweetness Alive” and developed their own record label (à Deux). Now, they’re preparing their label’s first release in May: “Julian.”


“Oh Julian, once we get across the border/Oh Julian, I’m in your heart,” the brooding twosome croon on their new number. Like “Maybe You,” it’s a tender electronic production—like a mixture of the spooky alt-pop sensibility of Bat For Lashes(see her similarly lush ode to a special fellow, 

) and the melancholy world-weariness of Swedish mystery disco vixen, Sally Shapiro.

Basically, they’re 2 for 2.

The track arrives on May 6, along with a B-side called “Fool Of Me,” featuring Chet Faker. But wait—there’s more!

Earlier today, the talented Monsieur Adi premiered his entrancing mix of the track, adding a lively, dance floor-friendly bounce to the otherwise ghostly original.





They’re stunning, stylish and the tunes are to die for. What’s not to love?

“Julian” will be released on May 6. (iTunes)


Julian is a masterpiece  :flutter:


So are you on board?


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@@Baby V Alex Any news on the album / release date? I need it in my life! :defeated:

They played their new single at Rondo, dunno if it was Julien or another track, also they did a little shoot with Marie Clair, this is the article.


HOMETOWN: Sydney and Stockholm. ("Our parents broke up when we were babies, so we were kind of shuffled in between.")



THE BAND'S NAMESAKE: "Lou Lou was our great-aunt and a family legend. She was really mean and horrible.

We thought it was a funny juxtaposition since Lou Lou is such a cute name and she wasn’t cute."

ON HAVING TWIN POWERS: "We can read each other’s minds. Whether it's psychic or whether it's because we’ve spent 21 out of 21 years together, we don't know."

STYLE ICONS: "Lauren Hutton, Marianne Faithfull, Charlotte Rampling—people who have found a good balance between being comfortable and being stylish."

FOLLOW: @sayloulou


On Miranda: Cape,

$2,490, top, $2,250, Saint Laurent by Hedi

Slimane; shorts, $1,670, Emilio Pucci; boots, $1,700, Gianvito Rossi.


On Elektra: Cape, price upon request, Emilio Pucci; polka-dot dress, price upon request, skirt, $1,790, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane; bra,

$115, Yasmine Eslami; boots, $2,025, Giuseppe Zanotti Design


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"Say Lou Lou (born June 7, 1991) are a twin sister musical duo hailing from both Australia and Sweden. Their father is Australian and their mother is Swedish. They grew up in both Australia and Sweden.. Considered Dream Pop or Dream Wave, they released their first single in 2012 before forming their own record label, à Deux, in 2013. In December 2013, it was announced that Say Lou Lou had made the BBC Sound of 2014 longlist."

Regarding the duo's name:

"In an irritating turn of events, the duo were obliged to change their name from Saint Lou Lou to Say Lou Lou last year due to a lawsuit from a similarly-named artist. But hang on a second – who even is Lou Lou? "Our Great Aunt, who we only met once on her death-bed, and an old family legend," they explain. "She was actually an old English lady. She was quite bitter and angry, and she didn’t like anyone. She was really mean to our grandmother, so we always thought that the really beautiful, sweet name together with her personality was quite funny." In other words, their name is a metaphor for their songs: sweet and warming on the surface, dark and introspective beneath."


They currently have four singles out:

Maybe You




Better In The Dark


Everything We Touch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtRYHdfxtoE

Whilst these songs are B-Sides/Free Downloads:

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards [Tame Impala Cover]

Beloved [better In The Dark B-Side]


Fool of Me (ft. Chet Faker) [Julian B-Side]

Peppermint [Everything We Touch B-Side]

Games for Girls (ft. Lindstrøm)

Instant Crush [Daft Punk cover]

*there is a free download of Feels Like We Only Go Backwards if you sign up to their newsletter on their official website!

Their debut album, confirmed to be titled Lucid Dreaming, will be released in early 2015 under their own record label, 'à Deux'. A rumoured tracklist for the album has also emerged:
-Maybe You
-Better in the Dark
-Everything We Touch
-Fool of Me
-Nothing But A Heartbeat
-All That Glitters
-Love Is The Loneliest Place
-Wilder Than The Wind
-Games for Girls

If you would like download links to all their released stuff, just send me a PM. :)











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thanks for introducing them to us !


I just checked out their music and I really love their sound. why do they release their album in September and not now ?  :deadbanana:


oh and this pic is lovely imo (from their facebook account)


I have no idea why it's coming so late, but hopefully the wait is going to worth it!


And yeah, I love that photo too! It's the cover for the Better In The Dark single.


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I thought there was already a thread for Say Lou Lou... I must've been wrong  :P

I love Say Lou Lou. I discovered them right before Christmas and I was obsessed with Julian. Such a good song

Lana.pngAngel-Headed Hipster

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OMG yes, indie electropop queens. I am in love with them. So sad to hear their album is pushed back until September, this summer would have been an even more amazing time for music with their debut.  My friend actually got to see them live in Glasgow and said that they killed it. Apparently they have a more traditional pop sound live


Feels Like We Only Go Backwards [Tame Impala Cover]*



Could we all just take a moment. Just listen. This cover is phenomenal. Couldn't stop playing it when I first heard it. I love Tame Impala's version (their best song imo), but this cover took it to a new level entirely. The lyrics have so much more meaning and it just really hits home with their ~stripped back style. This >>>>>> any of their original songs (those are great too tho)






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The new single, 'Everything We Touch' will be released on 18th May! You can listen to a sneak peek here.


A rumoured tracklist for the album has also emerged:


-Better In The Dark


-Everything We Touch



-Love Is The Loneliest Place

-Nothing But A Heartbeat

-Fool Of Me (ft. Chet Faker)

-Maybe You (Bonus Track)


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