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Member of the Month (January/February): longtimeman

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Welcome to how I'm running things now :awkney: I can't promise it's permanent but I've been awful for the past two interviews and done them both a month late. But I could never pass the torch on bc y'all love me dig?

Anyway never underestimate LanaBoards' idolization of people different from our young gay majority--it is almost a sure thing that any older member will eventually have their name in lights (and share in the collective resentment towards @@Bekim's sidebar acclaim). longtimeman was a breath of fresh air after all you snarky younguns. Stan his level-headedness and wise presence!


Member of the Month (January/February): longtimeman


What did you do on the day you answered this questionnaire?

It's Saturday morning when I'm answering, so I've done nothing yet, but I expect today will be all about watching DVDs and lazing around.


Take a picture of yourself answering these questions right now.

I can't take a photo now (LB has a far too stringent standard of beauty for me to spoil), but here is my favourite pic of myself taken by accident at a show.



SH: :defeated: This is such a spot-on older man on Facebook move...Are you a dad, longtimeman?


What's something not many people know about you or that we would be surprised to learn about?
I used to be a high school English teacher.


SH: I am alternately compelled to call you "sir" and shoot spitballs at you.


What are your hobbies or passions?
Aside from music, which has been my #1 thing since I was about ten, I love horses and riding (although I'm out of action right now). I love reading and talking about philosophy and history, but mostly about art.

SH: !!! Well you've come to the right place, have you seen our highkey intellectual "dick appreciation thread"?


What is your favorite memory?

A sober New Years Eve a few years ago at Byron Bay beach among mostly strangers - a rare time among lots of drunk people where everyone was cool, friendly and funny. Even when someone pulled out a guitar & I felt like I needed to sing.


Lana's junior and high school years have been rather chaotic from what we know. How were/are yours?

My high school years (what we call school for 12-17 yo's) were very regular, but I was always something of an outsider. People only knew me for the bands I liked, although I had friends. I was well behaved until 16, when I was in a band and discovered the joys of drinking & smoking, but even then, I was considered quite square. High School ended happily for me, but I have very few friends from that time.


If you could bring two people back from the dead, have an exquisite dinner, and some great conversation with them...who would they be and what would you eat?

Albert Camus & Harpo Marx - as much to watch them interact as anything, but they are two of my heroes who actually seem like they would be fun to be around. I'd love to see John Lennon and Elvis perform, but wouldn't necessarily want to speak to them.


Do you believe in any form of life after death?

Only the temporary immortality of leaving a mark on people's lives.


SH: Yes, "Immortal" IS on iTunes now.


Who is the person you admire most and why?

I've given up on having heroes - I never want to need to apologise for something that someone else did. I admire actions more than people - I love seeing random acts of kindness between strangers without any possibility of that person getting anything in return..


Do you have a LanaBoards BFF?

I like a lot of people on LB and have had cool conversations with @Anthem, @ilovetati, and @kik, among others.


Drag me (SitarHero).

I think it will be more fun if you drag me.


SH: *shoots spitball at you* Okay Sir Numb-Nuts! /high school high fives the readers


If your balls were a celebrity couple, who would they be?
Sid & Nancy.


SH: Okay now I need the rationale here...Are they symbiotically draining the life out of each other


When did you become a fan of Lana? What was it about her that attracted you to her?

November 23 2013, someone I liked on Tumblr posted something making fun of her. It reminded me I had heard about her and never listened, so I downloaded BTD:PE from Youtube and put it on my iPod. I expected to like a couple of songs, but every song that came up blew me away. I bought the CD the next day, and for the next few months I couldn't stand listening to anything else.

What attracted me was mostly her voice, how the songs sounded nothing like what I'd heard before, and also the fact that the production seemed so overdone, yet worked so beautifully. During that time I also discovered a lot of the unreleased music, and moved from loving the record to loving the whole Lana world.


SH: Getting fans based on negative attention, when will others


Which Lana album is your favorite: Ultraviolence, Paradise, Born to Die, Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant, Sirens, or From the End/Quiet Now?

Probably BTD, ahead of UV by a millimetre, because nothing else I listen to sounds like it at all. UV is a record I would have liked at any time in the past 25 years, but BTD was the perfect record for the time. I am a huge fan of AKA, but it's just behind the other two for me, although I'm happy with any order someone might put those 3 in. I like the songs on Paradise a lot (and love the videos), but the production is too all over the place. I like the early acoustic material, but it reminds me too much of a time when all my friends were girls making that sort of music.


Favorite Lana song? Why?

West Coast has a mood and a swagger that makes me want to listen to it over and over. The time change always drags me in, and I think the lyrics capture so much of the 'LDR persona'. (Special mentions: National Anthem, Gramma, Flipside).


Least favorite Lana song? Why?

I'm only counting released songs because I think it's unfair to judge songs that were demos or sketches. The only song that actually bores me is Once Upon A Dream. I don't know what it is about it, but she doesn't click for me. I don't hate it, I just never listen to it.


If given the opportunity to meet Lana for an hour, what would you do/say?

After letting her know how much her music meant to me, I'd like to talk about how movies have inspired her - we both love David Lynch, and I love some movies that if she hasn't seen I'd want to recommend for her. What I would actually do is hyperventilate and tell her over and over how great her hair is.


SH: BuT wHiCh CoLoR hAiR?!?! #bringhiphoplanaback


Would you rather love and be loved or know all God knows?

I'm not all that sure about God, but I'm pretty sure She would consider loving and being loved most important of all, so I'll go with that.


Has Lana affected your everyday life in any way?

I listen to her every day, and spend time on Tumblr, LB, etc reading & thinking about her, so yes - she's changed my view of music, and of life.


Of all the unreleased videos and songs we have knowledge of, what do you thirst for most?

OTTR demo and the original Ultraviolence.


What is the best part of being a Lana fan? The worst?
The best part is that she's so constantly exciting - there will be a period of silence and everyone thinks she's given up, and then BAM, there's a new record around the corner.

The worst part is that almost nobody I know knows how good she is, and assumes I must like a lot of terrible music as well as her.


What is your favorite Jackson Novem song?

What a great question. It's like being asked which of your children is your favourite, when you haven't met them yet. I can relate most to the title 'I'm A Flop', so that's my choice.


SH: The GLOBAL appeal :jack:


Who are your favorite artists?

The Cardigans, Velvet Underground, Beatles, Elbow, Chvrches, Geoff Achison, too many others to name.


What is your favorite movie? Book? Song?

Persona is my favourite movie - it's on Youtube, but I recommend seeing it on as large a screen as possible.  I seem to have stopped reading novels, but I love 'Moby Dick' (but don't really recommend it) - oh, a great short, but dense, book is The Fall (La Chute) by Albert Camus.


What was the last book you read?

'Lost At Sea' by Jon Ronson - a collection of great journalism. Most of what I read is non-fiction.


Recommend us a song that we just have to listen to!

It's not a song, but a record - if you like Ultraviolence, give 'Long Gone Before Daylight' by The Cardigans a listen.


If you ever became a musician, what would you make your stage name?

Dave Le Roq


What comes after “Lana Del Rey” in your music library?
Lisa Mitchell (I never bother to catalogue by surname).


Put your iPod/music library on shuffle and tell us which 10 songs are played. Don't skip, don't cheat!

[i excluded podcasts & non music items]
Velvet Underground - I Heard Her Call My Name

Iron Maiden - Twilight Zone

Pearl Jam - The Fixer

LDR - There's Nothing To Be Sorry About

Mark Knopfler - Wag The Dog

Cardigans - Erase/Rewind (Live 2003)

Cold Chisel - Wild Thing

Regina Spektor - Fidelity (live Swedish TV)

Elbow - Grace Under Pressure

LDR - Queen of the Gas Station

Do you hate anyone? If so, why?

The only person I can remember truly hating (he was horribly abusive towards an ex-girlfriend of mine) is dead now, and his reputation is trashed, so there's not much need for me to hold any emotions for him anymore.


SH: Um voodoo teas


What are the small things in life that make you as happy as a clam?

Being reminded that there is still music out there that is unique & exciting. Nutella with a spoon. Meeting someone cool in public.

SH: You mean the LanaBoards album #comingsoon right!


What is a characteristic / trait you see in others that you wish you had?

Being able to make people feel good about themselves.


What are your pet peeves or deal-breakers when it comes to friends/relationships?
Bigotry of any kind.


What would you say is your favorite physical trait + personality trait in potential partner?
Physical - great hair will let me forgive a multitude of sins. Personality - patience and a willingness to learn about new things.

do u like pies



what is ur favourite kind of pie
Sweet, savoury, mild, spicy, I like em all if the crust is well made.


SH: "Mild, spicy"? Man Australians are weird


BONUS: Is there anything you'd like to tell the community of LanaBoards?

I love you.


SH: Thanks in advance for dealing with the delay :runs:


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Very good interview!!


I can't take a photo now

-dont worry, Google images will do the work  ;) 


I used to be a high school English teacher.

-our lack of proper spelling must be fun to read  :oic2: 



Check my music blog Opiblo here

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This is so nice :) Congrats

Thanks :)


Very good interview!!



I used to be a high school English teacher.

-our lack of proper spelling must be fun to read  :oic2: 

For an internet forum, the standard of writing here is actually really high.


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GREAT INTERVIEW LONGTIMEMAN, you're amazing. It seems like we have lots of things in common! And I fucking love women's hair too :oprah: Hottest thing ever.

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Lovely interview - I've actually had a few really close friends older than me that were all high school English teachers. I guess they're just really great people.

See you around, horseman :kiss:


Oh, and as for Jackson Novem songs, I recommend Don't Let Me Go, Absolute Zero, and The Cassandra Complex - and look out for Ashes to Ashes, Slaughterhouse, and Bubblegum Pop (piano version) coming up on future albums :sass:


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Here are some clarifications:

Stan his level-headedness and wise presence!

I truly appreciate all of the ways you avoided calling me 'old' in this post.



SH: :defeated: This is such a spot-on older man on Facebook move...Are you a dad, longtimeman?

I can be everybody's Daddy



SH: !!! Well you've come to the right place, have you seen our highkey intellectual "dick appreciation thread"?

I certainly learned a lot from that thread ...



SH: Okay now I need the rationale here...Are they symbiotically draining the life out of each other

I was thinking more that they lived fast and burned out young, if not especially pretty.



SH: BuT wHiCh CoLoR hAiR?!?! #bringhiphoplanaback

I love almost every colour she's had ...



SH: Um voodoo teas

And don't forget it.



SH: Thanks in advance for dealing with the delay

No problem - it's been fun looking forward to it appearing.


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