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Charli XCX

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i really want choli xxx to collab w/ sizzy rocket, bonnie mckee, kelela, more cupcakke, rina sawayama, liz, jack antonoff, lorde, sky ferreira, muki, emi, nina las vegas, k.i.d, and our lord & savior xcassiex

:defeated: you can say that again


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stop reacting to it on here


you're only giving them the attention that they want and therefore they're gonna keep trolling...

I agree....I wiII NEVER EVER give them my attention :crossed:  :crossed:  :crossed:  :crossed:  :crossed:

I wonder if Charli is going to the Grammys again this year??


She went last year despite not being nominated lmao

She aIways goes IoI :teehee:


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those fats on soundcloud that don't actually have shit and just want attention are so tired and ugly, get a job


also please no more ALMA collabs, I get that charli is feeling charitable lately but we don't need any filler collabs ruining xcx3 if it ever even comes out


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