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Charli XCX

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Can someone pls confirm if the lossless files of XCX World are real? I'm really doubting of their veracity due how low I Wanna Be with U sounds compared to the rest of the tracks

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now that its been 5 days and I have basically the whole thing memorized front to back, I think I can confidently say this really is her best work?

I agree with other users that the lack of collabs makes this SO refreshing from her last 3 projects.


I think it's like if Pop 2 had a sexier and more vulnerable older sister that fully did a shit ton of ketamine. The distortion/production elements are so next level here, she and her producers are always topping themselves. 


I am in awe of how beautiful & real Detonate is, i'm in a situation exactly like these lyrics rn and it's just speaking to me.

What I'm NOT okay with is the slander of 7 years and c2.0????? I think those are both sooo good, 7 years is in my top 3 favs. it deserves praiseeeee!


my ranking is as follows~


1) detonate

2) forever

3) party 4 u

4) anthems

5) 7 years

6) claws

7) c2.0

8)I finally understand

9) pink diamond

10) visions

11) enemy


Here is a link to all streaming services where you can stream my new single, "The Prophecy" :party:

Critics are saying: "It's pretty much the best thing ever" - Anthony Fantano

and "It would be super cool if you listened to it. It may surprise you with how not-bad it is.  It's actually pretty good" - a genuinely unbiased and actual casual pop music listener

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tbh this album doesn't top 'charli' for me personally

I might agree in a few months. This album is just still so fresh and stuff. But I can see why, charli was so much more fleshed out and longer. It has the ability to pull you in from any direction, and has a lot more leg room compared to this little fun thing she made in a month lol. But I love this album to pieces regardless

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I'm so grateful that party 4 u doesnt have that god awful "breakdown" of some kettle whistling.


true but i wouldn't mind an extended/ultimate edit if someone hasn't made one already ...... :oprah3:



omg, can she please give us the stems ? it's such a malleable song/concept honestly. considering her message earlier perhaps it would make her feel better to hear fan edits..... :oprah3: but really the thought of p4u stems makes me weak.

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