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Charli XCX

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Will.I.Am x SOPHIE 2015

Lay With You

Girls & Boys (Demo)



Stargate x SOPHIE 2015

Pull The Trigger


November 2015

Die For You

Can’t Shake It Up

Eyes Wide


Fill In The Blank

No Romeo



November 14-15 2015

Up Up And Away

Song 1 (Kiss)

Shortcut To Paradise


Daddy Knows

Wannabe (Spicy Demo) [2017]

Good Girls (Rapper Demo)

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Good Ones came on the loud speaker at the Forever 21 I went to today. I swear my old ass started singing along with the tweens who were shopping there. No shame. I loved it. 


Off Topic: Forever 21 use to have some cool clothes back in the day. Good God everything I saw there today was awful. Not even the jewelry. 



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1 hour ago, HEARTCORE said:

can someone speed up the tempo of taxi final plzzz


sis??? go back to 25/06/2020 https://dbree.org/v/f872c0 and you will download the first time taxi final leaked in a sped up hq version. Taxi Gays like me won today after one year and a half cuz the og  bpm version leaked + in lossless!!!. 


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7 hours ago, TrashMagiq said:

I was bored so I made my own XCX World tracklist and I'm amazed at how powerful my mind is like you're NOT gonna get it the first time but once it clicks it just Clicks like...

  1. Girls Night Out (Pete Tong version, ofcourse)
  2. Good Girls
  3. Taxi (sped up version cause it slaps more)
  4. Come To My Party 
  5. Hey Boy Hey Girl (feat. will.i.am)
  6. Bounce (feat. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)
  7. Up & Down
  8. Down Like Woah
  9. After the Afterparty (SOPHIE Demo)
  10. No Angel (SOPHIE Demo)
  11. Die 4
  12. I Wanna Be With U
  13. Can You Hear Me
  14. Bottles
  15. Waterfall

Ok lemme explain

GNO is such a good intro track like idk Why everyone uses CTMP. CTMP is a lovely 4th track marking the start of her party after her girls night out (Taxi being included in the events of the girls night out, like, no boys no boys lemme call you a taxi). The transition from Up & Down to Down Like Woah might seem jarring but it's so intellectual liiike I kinda have the mind of a mastermind putting Up & Down between Bounce and DLW like my mind is so powerful for that.. The comedown at the end of Up & Down transitioning into DLW like if u get it u get it if u don't then that's a YOU problem! 

ATAP being an outro track is so boring to me like where's the excitement in that liike?? SOPHIE demo btw, the "heroin chic look"on" one, very important. Anyways, ATAP, the party ended, she CHEATED on her man (HBHG cheating song yeah, i got what u want as in ADULTERY), n then is like "pls don't leave me" but then her man leaves her and she just has a breakdown about it, ending with Bottles. I see Bottles as the sad ending of the story, with Waterfall being that song that plays during the credits at the end of a movie. Waterfalls ending it is very necessary cause u can't just end a fun pop album with a song about drinking the pain away, so it ends with a hot strip club song that still has emotion in it. 






I totally see ur point and I luv ur tracklist and background story behind it but please don't be a Marina with ADIAML where she puts bops on the beginning and slows down the album chemistry halfway through it? I would love to see taxi or GG/bounce at the end just to shock people like ok, we are at the end but you will still shake ur ass crying on champagne till the end.

ctmp is a perfect 4th track <3 +  up & down transitioning into dlw!!!! you are ahead like <3<3 

and of course

queen Lizzy scrapped


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