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Charli XCX

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5 hours ago, XCX Archivist said:

see i know u mean this as an insult but i agree for different reasons, charli is taking a break from massive slayage and is giving us a cute lil bop to dance to

no you actually interpreted it the exact way i meant it!


i really don’t like neither of the songs, but i think it’s a nice unserious “break” every artist should have once in a while and some parts of the fanbase will really like those songs

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3 hours ago, AtomicMess said:

K so now that we've got Cock Block, can we get all the Silver Cross instrumentals, Acapella, Stems, etc. next?


Pls n thnx.



king we have the instrumental, check the masterpost

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it looks like Charli XCX samples 2 tracks, probably Cobrastyle and something from Chinn and Chapman

4. Charli XCX - Speed Drive
Charlotte Aitchison, David James Parker, EASYFUN, Ewart Everton Brown, Fabian Peter Torsson, Joakim Frans Ahlund, Klas Frans Åhlund, Michael Chapman, Nicholas Chinn, Patrik Knut Arve, Sylvia Robinson & Troy Rami

Found on another forum. 

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4 hours ago, evalionisameme said:

This was cute 

i really love it when she acts like this but i remember some posts back people where complaining about her “attitude” :bebe:

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6 hours ago, indecisoes said:

omg how you did that?

1. import both the song and the instrumental into audacity
2. set them up so they start at the EXACT same time (like i mean exact, it needs to be as close to perfect as humanly possible)
3. select the instrumental, then select effects > invert
4. now do a test play, if you did it right, you should only hear the difference between the two files (aka the vocals). its not going to be perfect, but it gets you about 80-90% of the way to a studio acapella
5. select both audio tracks, then select tracks > mix > mix and render to new track
6. delete the song and the instrumental, leaving you with the mostly studio acapella, and export it
7. go to vocalremover.org and go to the splitter (this will use ai to remove almost all of the remaining instrumental bits of the file)
8. import your acapella file and wait for it to process
9. do another test play, turning the vocal track all the way up and the music, drum, and bass tracks all the way down
10. click save, and select the vocal

did i need to type this in here? no, but i wanted to

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