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Honeymoon - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll


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  1. 1. What are your favourite tracks from Honeymoon?

    • Honeymoon
    • Music to Watch Boys to
    • Terrence Loves You
    • God Knows I Tried
    • High by the Beach
    • Freak
    • Art Deco
    • Burnt Norton
    • Religion
    • Salvatore
    • The Blackest Day
    • 24
    • Swan Song
    • Don't Let Me be Misunderstood

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This is probably me being a more forgiving fan than I should be, but I want to say a word in defence of DLMBM. I get how it's a very divisive version, but there's something about her delivery of it that continues one of my favourite things about the way she sings particular songs. In a lot of the better live versions of songs like Blue Jeans, she doesn't sound like she's singing or performing a song, she sounds like something has just come to her that moment, and she's struggling to put it into words and to keep to a melody. I can't think of any other singer I've heard who does this, and it's the polar opposite to the review of HM which talks about her being 'too cool', but there are lines in this version which are so raw and jolting, it goes beyond being a song performance (which we can expect from a singer like Adele) to something completely raw and passionate. 


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What singles would YOU have chosen, chronologically, now that we have the full album to judge ?

I think they are fine but we should have got Freak instead of High By The Beach. The video would have been epic and it would have created more buzz for the album too imo

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This is not a hate post against you or your opinion at all, and I am very satisfied with HM as an album, but I also don't get people who throw crap at BTD all the time and say that just because it's her first official album somehow it's also her worst.


I don't get why would someone NOT want her to write about honoring long lost love and a glamorous lifestyle, when that world is so captivating, it just draws you in.

I don't get why would someone NOT want more videos on the level of these:




I don't get why would someone not want her to do photoshoots this amazing again, who, why would you not want her to look this good again?



Born To Die was not only an album, it was an experience. What she does now does not compare. But I also understand that it is not supposed to, as making BTD was her main goal in life.

Now, HM is a wonderful album and I sincerely love all songs. But I can't help but feel that BTD is on a whole other level.

That's fine if you prefer the BTD era. I didn't get into Lana for her look or videos (only watched them last year). I generally find her videos boring although I think she is beautiful. I don't really know what you mean by BTD was her main goal. I find it admirable that she works so goddamn hard on her art and works hard to have a great personal life. She released this album 15 months after UV...and it's fantastic quality.

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I've been listening to the new album now, I can understand why Lana does it the way she does it. I'm not sure if you guys are into 50's 60's music or not, the music structure is a very 50's 60's production which means what you hear in the first quarter of a track and that's pretty much the same thing through the track. Some people might find it boring, but this album is heavy influenced by 50's 60's with a touch of her own modern spin. However, it kinda feels like she's also got comfortable with the structure of the film projects. It doesn't really build up properly. Personally, I don't mind and I think I still gotta listen a bit more. I like it so far, I just wish her lyrics in this album are very weak that's all I don't like about it. Maybe I'll grow to like it eventually and understand why she said those things.


By the way, Salvatore, is it sample from somewhere? It's very familiar. It's the best track on the album for me.

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