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Ben said 'Beautiful new songs in progress'. Songs. As in multiple. God please be a new album or EP !

Multiple options here


a) she did two songs for a soundtrack, this could mean we only get snippets and nothing's released officially

b) she's really recording a new album, which means it could last a while until we actually get to hear something since chances are high it will be reworked or scrapped

c) she's releasing an EP, which would REALLY be good news, because thatwould mean it could come out soon


I really hope she went more rock-ish, like she hinted it during the BBC interview or she really did some more upbeat "NY songs"

Just do it. Just do it - don't wait!

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To this point I'm just happy that she feels inspired enough to record and I just hope we will actually hear the result. Also she looks incredibly young it could have been from this day




Lol sorry it's a big ass picture. From her birthday in 2012 in London


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ladies and gentlemen, I'm coming to some of the most beautiful places in the world this summer for festivals. Absolutely can't wait to see everyone on our way through Switzerland, Greece, Ireland and many more stops until we eventually play back home in August in California. I'll be keeping you updated and posting the festival fliers as they come out.

All my love,

Lana Del Rey


Also Nylon magazine made a gif of her songs on their instagram



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