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Say Yes to Heaven

What would you want Lana to Reuse?

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:whoopi: I need to start keeping tally of every time you display your awful taste. Cherry Blossom is heavenly!

Vote for me for worst taste for the lipsters xoxo

omg it's like you hate her voice i don't get it ace :rip:


I don't hate her voice. I just have very... Strict standards :hottie:

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Cherry blossom? Such a grotesque track. Why

No one has to explain why Cherry Blossom is great. Im singing it to my kids when im a mother <3

Instrumental: Pin Up Galore or Put Me In A Movie


Acoustic: Get Drunk


Acapella: Cherry Blossom


Melody: Bridge from This Is Happiness or Chorus to Mermaid Motel

The bridge from Is This Happiness is just <3 <3 <3 agreed on mermaid motel as well omg

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Instrumental: Be My Daddy

Acoustic: My Momma

A Capella: Axl Rose Husband

Melody: Trash Magic chorus

Hell, I Suppose if You Stick Around Long Enough, They Have to Say Something Nice About You

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On 7/23/2016 at 3:54 AM, Say Yes to Heaven said:

I hope this isn't confusing lmfao but what would you want Lana to reuse? There's 4 questions. 


Which instrumental would you choose for Lana to reuse?


Which acoustic track would you choose for Lana to turn studio?


Which acapella track would you choose to be given an instrumental?


Which melody would you choose for Lana to rework?

Instrumental: Art Deco

Acoustic track: A Star For Nick

Acapella track: The Devil

Melody: California 2014 bridge. Or also, Is This Happiness bridge or Summertime Sadness bridge or honestly any other bridge from her, her bridges have the best melodies.


I love the feeling of excitement, it's like your mind is about to explode but also having a smile on your face

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