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Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant - Post-Release Discussion Thread + Poll

Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant  

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  1. 1. What are your favourite tracks from Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant?

    • Kill Kill
    • Queen of the Gas Station
    • Oh Say Can You See
    • Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven)
    • For K Part 2
    • Jump
    • Mermaid Motel
    • Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)
    • Pawn Shop Blues
    • Brite Lites
    • Put Me in a Movie (Little Girls)
    • Smarty
    • Yayo

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AKA’s arguably one of Lana’s best works. The lyricism, vibes, experimental/grunge sound… she put her whole methussy in this record. When i listen to QOGS i feel like I’m actually inside the song, actually it’s a perfect soundtrack to a roadtrip. We have to gatekeep this one :true:

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My fave lyrics from each track of this absolute GEM. It's probably my fave album to listen to from start to finish


Kill Kill: Love you, I do/ Stay here, I won't/ The stars fade from your eyes


Queen of the Gas Station: Look at you smoking in the neon lights/ Under the thunder/ Yo you look so nice

Oh Say Can You See: The night time is almost ours/ To wander through alleys/ And look at the bars/ Nighttime is almost ours (her delivery of these lines :xcry:)

Gramma: Don't cry, honey, crazy girl/ Don't you know you are the world?


For K Part 2: I like the way you wear your sweater off your shoulder/ The way your hair comes down and makes you look older/ How'd you so handsome, my boy?  



Jump: Palm trees in black and white/ You are a junkie on your window smiling wide 


Mermaid Motel: Maybe we could go to Coney Island/ Maybe I could sing the national anthem 

Raise me Up (Mississippi South): I can talk what I want/ How I wanna/ I don't have to talk taste for your mama/ No, no, no lana del rey off to the races (PLS this song goes so hard)


Pawn Shop Blues: Well, I pawned the earrings that you gave me/ Golden metal flowers dangling/ And I almost cried as I sold them off

Brite Lites: :smile3:

Put Me in a Movie: You can be my daddy :brows:

Smarty: Say I make you feel like/ Like you did, like you did, when you were thirteen/ Say I make you feel like/ When you were the dirty heavy metal king


Yayo: It only takes two hours to Nevada/ I wear your sparkle, you call me your mama



Lizzy Grant you'll always be famous ♥

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my favorite lyrics from each track <3


kill kill: love you, i do, stay here, i won't, the stars fade from your eyes

queen of the gas station: look at your smokin' in them neon lights, under the thunder, yo, you look so nice

oh say can you see: the sway of the hips and arms, will cradle you from afar, they swing 'til you're tired and send you to mars, nighttime is almost ours

gramma (blue ribbon sparkler trailer heaven): A.M.E.R.I.C.A, all i wanna do is play

for k, pt. 2: the way your face is shaped, i wonder if you know? the way you stand up and your silhouette glows, i'm electrified, i'll be up all night, now

jump: hair thin and in the wind, cadillac convertible with him, hot-shot at 2A.M, you got a grin of a very old man

mermaid motel: maybe we could go to coney island, maybe i could sing the national anthem, wear a white sweater for the last white day of the summer, buy my purple wig for my mermaid video, walk back to where i live in the motel on neptune avenue

raise me up (mississippi south): it's the voodoo mississippi south, 69 million stars, birds are flyin' out of my mouth, spirits creepin' in my yard, hold my head, it's tilting back, something's dancing me around, putting crystals on my neck, lifting my feet off the ground 

pawn shop blues: in the name of higher consciousness, i let the best man i know go, 'cause it's nice to love, and be loved, but it's better to know all you can know, said it's nice to love, and be loved, but i'd rather know what god knows

brite lites: the film is fading, look at me

put me in a movie: lights, camera, acción, you know i can't make it on my own

smarty: do i make you feel like christmas-time? put me in a party dress one time, love me 'til i see the sunshine

yayo: hello, heaven, you are tunnel lined with yellow lights on a dark night

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I love this album so so so much :xcry: everytime I re-listen to it I have to listen from start to finish cause it's so hypnotizing. Honestly of her best, I don't know where I would rank it but it's def in my top 5; the production, instrumentals, the lyrics!!, her voice, everything is a masterpiece. To think that AKA was released in 2010 it's crazy, just shows how Lana was really ahead of her time since the very beginning.

If she ever decided to re-release it I just hope she will leave it as it is because it's perfect, I'd love to listen to this record on vinyl one day (with an official HQ pressing).

13.04.2018 Rome - Lana wore my hat! 

Dying by the hand of a foreign man, Happily
Calling out my name in the summer rain, Ciao amore


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