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  2. My bad! Such unfortunate news tho but those Pandora’s Box lyrics sound sm interesting
  3. Hmm…. What did he say on the livestream though? It sounded like he said she wanted to put out her next album first? Or she’s going to release a new record or something. It kind of skipped when he said that. Whatever it was…. I think he was meaning they’ve got some stuff in the works but i don’t think it’s 100% confirmed that he’s working on this album. Since they are working together on something, whatever that might be, couldn’t he just be supporting her upcoming project with a post about it? Does it confirm anything other than they’re working together on SOMETHING, whatever that is? I’m more convinced that it’ll be the next album after BB since she seems so strongly that the album is finished and he also said they haven’t finished anything yet
  4. Check previous page. Eclipse (reliable leaker) posted on ATRL that it’s not on the album
  5. Today
  6. True Colours leaking and Marina releasing it a day after. A MOMENT (and an embarrassment)
  7. Guys, I think we'll finally have a new producer on the list of producers that Lana has worked with. It is impossible that he (Mike) is not in BB (I mention this because I saw people saying that he is probably included in LDR8 not in BB) It is more than clear that he is involved in this album because whenever a producer is working on an album, they repost the album announcement in their stories or comments on the post and guess what? Mike did both! Most of the time this is only done by the main producer, as Jack showed support when Lana announced NFR AND COTCC (funny that now he has not done the same with BB) I love Jack and several of the albums he has produced but I feel like we already need something with a heavier production, just like he did with MASSEDUCTION, MELODRAMA or MAGDALENE. I think Jack and Mike could create something pretty cool, something worthy of Lana Del Rey. I still think that COTCC was just the transition for this album, it was something that had to be said and that's how it was, Lana herself said it "Sometimes life makes you change just in time for the next chapter" we all need / want an upbeat album with pop and hip / hop influences.
  8. Not sure if this is updated/has everything that leaked so far, but @LunaeManifestum has this masterpost which they've posted here a couple time ago https://mega.nz/folder/B5kl1KIC#mbqkInoBceeJ96sw7LwhYg
  9. It does kind of sound like “color wheel”! But it also sounds like she could still be figuring out the lyric and just mumbling a placeholder. I think at one point the background bit switches to “we could have everything”. I’m obsessed with this song now
  10. I dont have any proof as I didnt screenshot Eclipse's IG post. But he very briefly posted for a few mins and later deleted/archived it. He went on to describe the album as the opposite to L+F. He said the production is grand (whereas L F was stripped), sometimes might be too on the nose but not tooooo much. He said it felt right and the vocals are great too. He also listed 3 fav songs . I remember only 1. Venus fly trap.. He said there is a lot of political commentary too. ... he gave it a 4/5. Like I said. I wish I had taken a screenshot.
  11. omg that photographer does take a lot of nude photos... can u imagine lanas naked on the cover
  12. Wym? We're still not sure if it was just renamed
  13. Fuck that old ass song.. WHERES WELCOME TO HEAVEN!
  14. Not Pink Convertible being cut I was so hopeful it was renamed to New America. I hope it eventually leaks, the snippet was amazing
  15. If she really works with Nadia Lee I will combust into flames . I don't want to set myself up for disappointment but what if that's what boz meant as unexpected, maybe we get some crazy visuals, maybe she has her tits out on the cover . I've seen some of Nadia's work and some photos almost look like a Lana parody so that would match very well with the sarcastic tone we expect. Also, her working with that MV director could also mean some over the top crazy visuals . But then, the only official thing we have (the BB snippet) doesn't look like any of that and it would be weird to start an era like this with that song (even if we only got 30 sec, the aesthetic is somehow similar to Chemtrails). I don't want another Nicole situation but even when we knew she worked with Neil look at what we got...
  16. TrigonTriot

    Melanie Martinez

    i would love to watch a k-12 tour movie/professional footage, the closest i can get from them is the side screens she had on tour for most of the venues but is so hard to find a good video with them
  17. oomf confirmed to me that unhappy meal demo is not real
  18. Same here got a label created shipping notification for my release night order which was my big big one!!
  19. Or Taylor. That's more possible since Taylor seems to praise Lana publicly and calling her the most influential artist of the decade and stuff. There was a Lana x Taylor popping up last year...
  20. 88AYM

    Caroline Polachek

    Where the fuck is Hieroglyphics...
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