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  2. "flying to the moon again" would be such a serve, the direct reference to heroin... a magnum opus i fear
  3. Manifesting: California Heaven (BB renamed) 1. California Heaven - Like an Angel 2. Wildflower Wildfire 3. Pink Geraldines 4. Cruel (Interlude) 5. Summer of Love 6. Dealer 7. You Roll Like Thunder - When You Come Crashing In 8. Text Book 9. Flying To The Moon Again 10. In the Garden 11. Down the Stairs (Interlude) 12. Sycamore Tree 13. Lizzy Girl 14. Bue Banisters Sound: Jazzy piano ballads with some orchestral elements, some surf rock tracks between the interludes. Aesthetic: 50s, gardens, flowers, castles, velvet, cottagecore, sunny landscapes.
  4. 13beachess

    Billie Eilish

    I can't stop replaying HTE. (I really don't wanna overplay it though...) It's been a while since any song made me feel so much
  5. Let this be clear, I'm not not a lipster but there has to be a place on lanaboards for users who post and act like me - the kind of user who spams gifs of mayhem miller but mods see as off-topic - the kind of users who are given WPs mercilessly for being their unhinged, messy selves and their lack of ability to follow lanaboards rules, The kind of users who get their own posts and GIFs taken away from them by stronger users.
  6. With all of the smileys users are finally allowed to spam I just want to say over the last ten months I think it's pathetic that my minor gif spamming depicting my sometimes unhinged or messy roles in my posts has often made users say I've set the discussion back hundreds of pages.
  7. Glitter Boy

    Miley Cyrus

    I think she talked about a Metallica cover album too, but I don't know if it was coming after Plastic Hearts. But yeah, I'm all here for an emo pop/rock album
  8. Y'all when you get a notification when Lana posts something new.
  9. question for the culture... now that lady gaga has had a hit fan-forum, can i please go back to posting mariah gifs, glitter text, speculating the aesthetic of blue banisters, stanning wildflower wildfire, and begging for ufb & bikini gold, without being accused of ruining discussion, or saying that i'm glamourizing jared or darla?
  10. The Happier Than Ever video feels so personal in the second half of the video. It looks really cathartic for her in a way that I almost feel like I shouldn't be watching it because of how personal it feels. Happy for her.
  11. is this our question for the culture era
  12. Aye my bad Lana fans - didn’t think this would rile and offend people on this thread that easily... I did not mean no memes or no fun on this thread… no, that’s not the point at all. i literally asked if there was “any other” thread other than this one - and it’s ight if there isn’t one. In all honesty, yes, it’s very annoying just trynna scroll past constant trolling. Maybe I’m just boring, but as someone who’s just passionate about reading other people’s theories on Lana’s art, creativity, writing, and poetry - it would just be nice being a part of a thread who’s passionate about that as well. Yes, I rarely post on here myself. and Yes, I understand that there is nothing to talk about right now. I guess imo I’d prefer no one say anything at all until new shit comes up, but I understand that it ain’t my thread. That’s why the question was brought up in the first place. lmfao i’ll just stick to reddit folks It’s honestly ight ya’ll. Thanks, Elle, along with with the other MODs for regulating everything. No need to create another thread cause I do believe it will be confusing - in addition, more moderating as well. Also, I apologize to mods as I am in no way implying anything. just a quiet lurker/reader. Peace n carry on.
  13. Today
  14. this is everything i’ve ever wanted
  15. she's coming to end US
  16. Glitter Boy

    Charli XCX

    I swear y'all if she keeps being this cryptic I unstan my brain is so slow I can't understand her posts like this one GIRL GIVE US A LITERAL ANNOUNCEMENT THEN
  17. ~ Boom ~ vs ~ Like ~ vs ~ That ~
  18. Like Also, I’m manifesting an announcement this weekend le’ goooooooooo
  19. Like 2 days ago, watched The Matrix Do you believe in Free Will?
  20. Does anyone know why All I Do Is Cry has been re-released as May 2021? Could be included in the album? Clarity mixtape is now under the new label as well. Everything else still shows under 'BunHead' but wouldn't be surprised if that changes within the next few days.
  21. BB ( the album): 1970’s cinema. Floral Haze. A long hike up a jugged hillside. Ghosts of the laurel canyon singing their haunted melodies still. A croaky off tune guitar. Fresh flowers in a decrepid house. Thunderstorm at the beach. Psilocybin medicine. Broken promises unbroken memories. Sleeping Beauty. Joan Didion. Dressed in all white chilling with the cactus. Joshua tree / swaying hazily/ I’m still sweet in the desert air. Sprite at a old saloon.
  22. Yes... fckn scary I tell you! When was the last time you watched a really good movie?
  23. You talk lots about God Freedom comes from the call But that's not what this bitch wants No what I want at all vs If this is it, I'm signin' off Miss doin' nothin', the most of all Hawaii just missed a fireball L.A. is in flames, it's gettin' hot Kanye West is blond and gone "Life on Mars" ain't just a song Oh, the livestream's almost on
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