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  2. That would work if she only changed the title, but if she scrapped most of the songs they would have to destroy all of the vinyls Chromatics-style ... I doubt that it's the packaging that would be the dealbreaker here.
  3. i think either the jack or zach songs (or both) are scrapped since they are the "oldest" out of the bunch and we know how she feels about songs she recorded longer ago. plus that pic from a few weeks mike posted of her in the studio probably wasn’t for ww as we thought but for the new songs she recently recorded. i just hope the scrapping makes the tracklist better and not worse
  4. What if there's no album title on the artwork? That'd make sense why she is allowed to keep changing the title, if the album is actually coming on july 4th, with the vinyls being pressed or already done
  5. I hope this is an UV situation and that working with Mike brought her some kind of inspiration that the album lacked before. Maybe she scrapped the Jack-songs. It could easily be another LFL/CoCC situation though, where she's indecisive, overthinks stuff and makes the album worse with some last-minute changes.
  6. wait i actually dreamt she had titled an album Nuptials at Tipasa once
  7. There is something in the wind and I can feel it blowing in...she will post sth about the album today putas
  8. Nightmare


    is the album really called "Serpentina"?
  9. Well it‘s not so surprising if you think how people dragged her for dating Sean
  10. the new pics…my heart….she looks so beautiful damnnn. the first pic and outfit is pure nfr vibes and the second one….white blouse, slightly auburn hair styled back….she gave a glimpse of honeymoon…the vibes…the beauty….NIKKI’S INFLUENCE IS OVER SHE’S BACK GIRLS SHE’S REALLY BACK
  11. Manifesting Birld World or Good God - The Revenge Of Lana Del Rey as the new album title
  12. I genuinely hope Lana and Clay are okay. I hate to imagine Lana suffering through another heartbreak. The supposed correlation between heartbreak and good music is not worth it if it means she feels even the tiniest amount of pain
  13. She's looking so good lately
  14. Ugh loved this genius title so much!!! Bitch! Fuck! Seriously tho, this title could still be relevant to LDR8; the birds = the drama and chaos surrounding her career, spoiling her American Dream...
  15. Today
  16. I feel like she only really gets fillers/botox but her face looks less puffy if anything. I think she just lost a good amount of weight honestly.
  17. Weird. I thought they broke up for good when she went on the Breaking Up Slowly tour but then he made an appearance in her IG live a while back. If they are together she doesn’t seem too keen on showing him off or even acknowledging his existence. 😭
  18. Watch Lana & Nikki Lane become a couple Nikki rimmed me so good I (almost ) forgot I'm with Clay will be one of the lyrics on the album
  19. riina

    Instagram Updates

    Oh my gosh, in the last image, she looks exactly like herself in that one high school photo! So radiant!
  20. She always wears a ring on that finger The fact remains she hasn't been seen w him forever and he's been regularly hanging out with these baseball people or something I mean maybe they're somehow managing to not be seen together but they don't seem to be at the same places
  21. and now my banisters aaaaaaaaa aaaahh ahhhh aahhhreeeee greeeeeeeeeee heeee heeee heeeeeennnnn n greeeehh haaaa haaaaa haayyyyyyy u can't blacken the pages w russian poetry n be. haaaaaa aaahhhhhh haaaaaaa ppppppyyyyy except that onnneee thing! the diaaaamunds the ruuuhuuuust n theeeeeee raaaaaaaiiiii haaaaeeeeyyyy heeee aaaayyyy aiinn heee's shaaaa haaaaaa hiiiiiiiinnnnniiinnnnn oohhh hhoooo hooooo. ooh nnnaaaaauuuughtttt tooo tuurn intaaaa a willldfire ta lite uhp ur nite w only mah smile bb i'll be like a willllldfloooooowerrr doooo mah best neva to tuuuhuuuuu huuuurnnnnn inta somthn that buuuuuu huuuu huuuuu huuuuuuurns he could see us in all our splendooooooooor - the putting of an end to the mother rumors, it is what it is, but I learned not to be like that vibes. - the revisiting of the daddy issue concept neighborhood. should i stay to what's familiar and safe? - the healing of the self. - the next chapter of her life - the ending of cycles to become new and be separate from the lesser wanted parts of the family unit she must've once knew. she's saying, no. I must move forward.
  22. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Sad Girl vs Pawn Shop Blues
  23. ooooooff if so then im assuming we're getting party lana which is even better then we can't lose
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