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    Thinking about how Mike Dean could potentially have producing credits on Rock Candy Sweet. Really got me thinking about something colourful, vivid, and electric. Inspired me to make this - manifesting!
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    A simple concept that I'd love to see Lana pulls out for this BB album cover (since I heard the picsart one wasn't the official artwork for the album packaging)
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    omg the blue banisters lanaboards theme leaked it fits so well with lana's aesthetic vision for this era
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    Blue Banisters album cover and vinyl concept. Tried to go for a classic feel with this one and edited a photo of her by the stairs from Complex 2017 to match her look in the teaser. Hope you like it Can’t wait to see the actual album cover (assuming we haven’t already seen it )
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    mike said they haven't finished anything yet which makes me think maybe it's a dan auerbach situation and they've been butting heads and can't decide on one thing, ultraviolence 2.0 is coming
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    yall the fact that within 2 years, 2019-2021, we got NFR (album) 14 tracks, one being a cover, 2 versions of one song (so 15 all together), also a 9 minute long fucking masterpiece PLUS, Looking For America, so 16 tracks all together Violet Bent Backward Over The Grass (book AND album) 14 tracks that are spoken word, but have accompanying music (which we don't have the instrumentals for....) COCC 11 tracks, one being a cover PLSU, we got Summertime - The Gershwin Version & You'll Never Walk Alone, so 13 tracks and now we're getting ANOTHER GODDAMN ALBUM Yall we need to be grateful she's doing so much right now. This woman seriously is doing everything she can to create more projects to share with us and expand her brand, even if it doesn't look like it with us. We can complain all we want about music videos being lackluster but FUCK what other artist out there is doing this much? Taylor Swift is doing a very similar thing, but she's at the point where she's re-releasing old music with new recordings. As much as I don't like TS, I can at least appreciate that she's working as hard as Lana is right now considering there's a fucking PANDEMIC GOING ON.... We've gotten a BOOK from Lana & 43 songs/tracks (poems included) at the same time and that doesn't even count all of this new album we're about to get PLUS there's an album of covers we know Lana was actually working on in November and another poetry collection still to come (she wanted it out earlier this year so I wouldn't be surprised if that drops soon.... but holy fuck sorry this was an essay but i had to share i'm so glad we stan Lana right now
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    This anniversary almost passed without recognition. It's hard to pin down an exact "anniversary" for Videos Games' success since it took a few months to take off and there were multiple uploads. But the original video was first uploaded by Lana 5 May 2011—10 years ago today. Here is a link you can see the upload page as it appeared on 15 May 2011: http://web.archive.org/web/20110515012736/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uKl3xeBVY4 It's funny I hadn't realised her Keds Collective video was still live at the time until now (3rd suggested video in the list)
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    i honestly don't even have the energy to try and piece everything together anymore, this has to be the most confusing pre release ever
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    2019 Norman Fucking Rockwell! Tour ALL IMAGES 2019 Festival Tour ALL IMAGES 2018 LA to the Moon Tour ALL IMAGES 2017 Lust for Life Promotional Tour ALL IMAGES 2016 Festival Tour ALL IMAGES 2015 Endless Summer Tour ALL IMAGES 2014 Paradise Tour ALL IMAGES - 4/11 TO 5/30 ALL IMAGES - 6/13 TO 10/18 2013 Paradise Tour ALL IMAGES 2012 Born To Die Tour ALL IMAGES 2011 Born To Die Promotional Tour ALL IMAGES + ALL SPECIAL PERFORMANCE IMAGES Special Performances (TV Shows, Non-Tour Performances) (work in progress!) these are not the most HQ images but simply a reference for outfits by color. in the all images link there is a note of each location for each image! soon i'll add the tour it was a part of as well so you can find a more HQ image above. WHITE ALL IMAGES - will be redone soon BLACK ALL IMAGES (LQ) BROWN ALL IMAGES (HQ) RED ALL IMAGES (HQ) ORANGE ALL IMAGES (HQ) YELLOW ALL IMAGES (HQ) GREEN ALL IMAGES (HQ) BLUE ALL IMAGES (HQ) PURPLE ALL IMAGES (HQ) PINK GOLD & SILVER MISC
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    BLUE BANISTERS - blood red splatter and powder blue split vinyl concept.
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    I was reading the replies of Anthony Fantano's tweet asking for fans to post questions to ask Mike Dean, and what I've gathered from a lot of the questions is: - Mike Dean often works on his music when he's under the influence of marijuana. - The electric guitars we hear on his songs are actually auto-tuned (which is really, really cool). Knowing that Lana has often implemented psychedelic elements into her music makes me wonder if his production with her will also be trippy or "far-out" in that sense. His work with other artists and his solo work definitely has that touch of psychedelia, even within a more hip-hop-esque sound, but since Lana's brand has consistently been rooted in the 60s/70s, I could see him fully leaning into a more electric-guitar-heavy soundscape. Psychedelic rock was obviously born from/popularized by musicians who often were under the influence of psychedelics, so all of these things considered, I would love if Lana and Mike leaned all the way into that summery, late 60s sound, but with a touch of something more contemporary. I think there's a lot of room for passion within that sound in general, and since Lana has implied this album will have a bit of an angry edge to it, I can envision songs that are both lighter/happier in nature and angrier/rawer in nature still being cohesive within that genre.
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    Ngl it’s captivating in its own way. This shot especially is giving me Ride resolution feels. Like she finally reached her destination
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    And if she has the audacity to come back in two weeks with ‘Blue Banisters a new poem from Behind the Iron Gates’ I won’t be responsible for my actions.
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    Her revenge is probably making music that reflects her most vulnerable side without giving a damn about how the media may paint her as a fragile woman who sings about abusive relationships
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    "hiiiiip hop in the suuuummmmmmer dont b a bummer babe b mah undercover babe mm" white lines n black beaches n vlood red sangrias we travel for weeks just to escape ur demons ur makin me crazy tell me i need this white lines n black beeeaaach eeeeeeszss vibes. we need more of those vibes.
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    @Elle please shut down the site it’s time
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    Era announcement and QFTC2.0 sitting in her Insta drafts knowing they’re the talk of the summer
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    I don’t think anyone mentioned it yet but BoZ said on atrl that the era will officially being in two weeks??!!!!!!
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    She just followed Colin Tilley on IG (director of high budget MVs like WAP and Bieber vids)... when she comes through with a lead single serve omg
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    wait i just watched the live stream from yesterday and the woman who went to disneyland told her "congrats for your new album" and lana obviously didn’t think about cocc (lmao she really forgot that album already rip honeymoon tease) and she excitedly said "thank you i can’t wait for you to hear it" obviously meaning blue banisters which is a good sign imo idc that’s a good omen
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    I remember years ago under one of her videos (it might’ve been Bel Air? or Paradise trailer idk) she had a quote in the description that read like “I lost my reputation, I forgot my truth, but I still have my beauty and I have my youth” and that’s exactly the energy I want from this record
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    I wonder if this album is meant to contrast the sonic hype of BTD, as well as her reputation. Like, it’s something of an allegory, coming 10 years after her debut. - Mike Dean is primarily a hip-hop producer. BTD is heavily laced with hip-hop influences. - Blue Banisters appears to be a ballad about broken promises in love, wanting to settle down but having not done so yet, which kind of complements the whole sentiment of Video Games (how the verses were the reality of being in love but also somewhat cast aside, and the chorus was how she wished things had gone with another person) - Lana attracted negative attention that was unwarranted in 2011/2012. This whole album has kind of been born out of the negative press she’s gotten over the last year. I don’t think it’s an entirely intentional thing (like LFL being a “full-circle moment” from BTD) but I wonder if it’s her paying homage to that early sound and putting respect on that narrative, especially since she was proud of it at the time! And it was unfairly critiqued. That could be the revenge in question; putting respect on BTD’s name (and everything in between) and proving the point that she was unfairly judged from the start.
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    all of the insiders be like so yeah, its going to be something new, unexpected, beautiful. oh yeah, it's also going to have lyrics on it and some visuals. the singer is lana del rey and she was working with somebody
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    Maybe I'm in the minority but BOZ made it sound like it's really unhinged and I really, really hope it is. I'll take unhinged over boring or repetitive any day of the week. I LOVE unhinged
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    Inb4 Lana created a brand new genre and that's why none of us guessed! When the Grammys create a new category and she's the only nominated! We are indeed not ready!
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    Watch her change the profile picture on all her social media to this selfie Edit: Every time with a new filter ofc
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    I think it’s so funny that in a span of 5 days, Lana announces an album after already announcing one with a different title, a producer reposts that announcement, insiders reveal their access to songs on said album, insiders characterize said album as “super unexpected” and disclose info, fans theorize things based on said info, insiders deny all theories based on their info, thus refuting any leads fans had on this album, the rumoured producer then confirms his involvement with Lana, but then possibly suggests that it’s not for the album pertaining to Lana’s announcement, which he reposted....and we’re all just living for it!
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    Hi guys. From my lanaboards username you already know who I am. I would like to ask some of you to stop harassing me with such heavy words. Some scrobbles that I made on my last.fm account are real, some not.. Some scrobbles were done by my carelessness and some scrobbles were on purpose because I like to comment in the shoutbox parts of the songs that I like the most, just like I do with most of the other songs that I like. I didn't do this to prove that I have some stuff. If I wanted to prove that I would have made some random twitter or instagram insider account since 2016. No leaked Lana music has ever been put online by me. And it never will. Who can be sure that I have only snippets or the whole tracks? I am no greater than anyone else for MAYBE having access to songs before they are released. Maybe I am lucky, or maybe I am a fuckup for having illegal material. Either way, that does not give the right to some toxic people come to my dms to send me hateful and xenophobic messages against me. I don't want to play the victim, because I'm not. I just wanted to say that this is not the way you are going to get any information out of someone.
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    I'm crossing my fingers for ethereal heavy hawaiian glam metal with arabian undertones and roman mythological lyricism yes ma'am
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    I want Honeymoon kind of luxury back and some aesthetic like this again
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    ladies it’s now time to check the website source code, shazam that snippet 20 times a day, and annoy the interns at qobuz lets get to work
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    credit to @ sznsmaychange on twitter this is stunning clay being a striking example of masculinity, firm in his verticality
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    The fact that some people are still calling this folk despite there being a very present synth is....a choice. maybe it’s time to accept that Jack made the music Lana wanted to make, and Lana obviously wants to make beautiful music over a subtle piano
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    91 people in this thread over an instagram post with absolutely no information about anything besides what might be a song title, but could also mean nothing never change, lanaboards
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