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  1. Here's to hoping at the VERY LEAST she invents a new concept for MM3 like a forest faerie or something not child oriented
  2. The more leaks we get the more I understand why K-12 felt so watered down... it seems like she was/is running out of ideas I think she has great potential as a writer when she doesn't choose to keep herself in this box (i.e. Haunted, Half Hearted, A Thousand Words, and Can't Shake You)
  3. I dont think AK-47 is real... its literally a Kota Banks song that everyone in the XCX thread thought was real too
  4. OMG? Jump Rope ate Tag and Milk RIGHT up
  5. mansfield ringer

    Tove Lo

    Someone help me understand this Crytpo Tits thing, I just wanna listen to the music
  6. Yes.. i am aware... but that would also still fit the record. The recent podcast she did is a prime example of her relationship with her career atm. I dont really remember asking "y'all" for your thoughts on my wishes... but its fine. I'll just continue to be delusional and "y'all" can be negative, its fine !
  7. Anyways... CANT wait for INHA to be on the special U.S. deluxe version of ADIAML
  8. She...... sang it on tour almost every show Has talked about releasing it called it a fan favourite and lastly she broke up with Jack so it just wouldve been very contextually appropriate also fuck off & let ppl be delusional ?? Idk
  9. Hello Heaven : Coney Island Queen Old Star Swing : Lana Del Rey The Land Of Gods, Monsters, & Angels Queen Of The Coast The Land Of Honeymoons & Oil Tycoons Dying For Something Real Best American Record The Price Of Fame : A Tale As Old As Time
  10. Can't stop thinking about how putting Not Hungry on this record was such a missed opportunity i started to convince myself to expect it on the tracklist
  11. These recent leaks have been so boring.... we need gold diggin love
  12. a year ago we got visions & Party4u
  13. So im rewatching The Nanny and i just have to say that i think this is one of the most innovative sitcoms ever and Fran Drescher is such a riot. This show literally transcends how label-oriented society used to be, all the camp undertones/jokes that are just woven in there make me laugh harder than some shows even can today. And NILES!!!
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