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  1. sounds to me like she's saying swimming blue instead of swimming pool maybe?? might just be that my ears and brain aren't friends today tho
  2. last night i watched horror express and holy MOSES was it ever batshit bonkers (i say that in the most loving way possible but i love that the monster was a body-hopping murderous alien intelligence that sucked the wrinkles out of people's brains through eye contact. never change, 70s horror movies)
  3. man good luck on tropic of cancer, i also picked it up because of this movie but i really couldn't get into it :/ didn't even try ulysses tho i was supposed to read it for honors english in high school
  4. currently reading and really liking the devil aspect by craig russell! it's a murder mystery set in 1930s prague and stars an up and coming psychiatrist so it's kinda got vibes similar to the alienist which i'm into tho i'm also working on these violent delights by micah nemerever and.....struggling......but it's giving me kill your darlings vibes
  5. It's one of my favorites! My mom would read pieces of it to me when I was young, further down the line I watched the movie (still high on my list of fave movies), and I credit it with why I'm so into medieval studies. But like...shut up about the carvings over the door, Adso, I want to hear about the murders!!
  6. How are you liking it so far? I always struggle a bit when rereading because Adso never shuts the hell up, but the payoff is well worth it.
  7. given the reference to a private eye, i think it might be "Dick Tracy" instead
  8. currently in the middle of silver in the wood, catherine house, burn our bodies down, my best friend's exorcism, teeth in the mist, and the historian! so far i'm vibing the best with the historian but the others are good as well
  9. yet another rewatch of x-files for me...maybe this time i'll actually stay awake during the later seasons
  10. just started reading the alienist by caleb carr and i'm only 50 pages in but honestly? dr kreizler could get it kiiiiiinda tempted by the tv series but i know they're not gonna leave disability rep in (this is hollywood after all) so i'm a bit :/ over that
  11. update: been making playlists for a trip a friend and i will be taking soon so i guess i'll post them here as well...i went a bit overboard as you can see
  12. Good-Night Kiss - Hyosung (Secret) The Magnificent Seven - The Clash Los Angelenos (Live) - Billy Joel My Future Just Passed - Kay Starr Thnks fr th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy Northern Downpour (Live in Chicago) - Panic! at the Disco Hero Takes a Fall - The Bangles Blues - Lee Hi Karma Chameleon - Culture Club Who-oo? You-oo, That's Who! - Annette Hanshaw
  13. Match Made in Heaven 1. Go Go Dancer 2. Hot Hot Hot 3. Queen of Disaster 4. Dangerous Girl 5. Behind Closed Doors (Final) 6. Dynamite 7. Hit & Run (Alternate Version) 8. Children of the Bad Revolution (Demo) 9. Match Made in Heaven 10. Noir 11. Yayo (Kill Kill Version) 12. Smarty 13. Push Me Down 14. Take Me to Paris 15. Heavy Hitter 16. Put the Radio On 17. Caught You Boy 18. Hundred Dollar Bill 19. Video Games (Demo) 20. Lucky Ones (Demo) 21. Without You (Demo 1) 22. My Best Days 23. Live or Die 24. Velvet Crowbar +3 bonus tracks: Party Girl Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight Television Heaven (I think I've got a download link laying around...somewhere. Probably.)
  14. I've made a few before (for UV and Honeymoon, but those are too ugly to post), so here they are. Probably not too great, but whatever, it's 6 in the morning and I've stopped caring. EDIT: again, stopped caring, added the UV and Honeymoon covers
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