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  1. LOVE

    Lady Gaga

    its the album we needed in this godawful year
  2. we would like to see it maybe more vintage-camp on top of the grunge though.
  3. Norman Fucking Rockwell - 9 Mariners Apartment Complex - 11 Venice Bitch - 10 Fuck it I Love You -11 Doin' Time - 10 Love Song - 10 Cinnamon Girl -12 How to Disappear - 10 California - 10 The Next Best American Record - 7 (-) The Greatest - 11 Bartender - 9 (+) Happiness is a Butterfly - 10 hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - 10
  4. unpopular opinion 2 the only song of the untouchable 5 i like is angels forever dont come for me if you see me singing along to the other ones though
  5. LOVE

    Instagram Updates

    this is it for me. i cannot deny lana had a real point to her post, but in the convos ive had with people outside of this forum i feel like i have to pretend that she didnt make a point about internalized misogny (twofold, perhaps). but theres simply no way to convince the whiners on twitter. most of them made up their mind about lana a long time ago anyways. it's a shame to see her lose casual listeners through this debacle though
  6. derailing from the obvious hot topic but the new unreleased leaks we've been getting are subpar compared to the OG leaks. i dont think lana's post-BTD unreleased are all that good except for BAR demo
  7. banned for 2012 lana in 2020
  8. ok i might have to restan if she fumbles her bag with a title that conjures such a vivid, poignant image then it's truly over but i have hope (and it's a dangerous thing with this woman........ still a bit bitter about the NFR aesthetic)
  9. LOVE

    Instagram Updates

    i think an album of spoken word >>> poetry book when it comes to lana idk but her typewriter poems always look so sloppy and read clunky to me. her vocal cadence carries the work so much further than just written word alone i want violet / iron gates to drop as a double feature
  10. LOVE

    Instagram Updates

    she fucked up when she started with "Now that". those two words preceded her statement with an undeniable air of condescension. ive stanned this woman for years and i cant believe how yall are bending backwards in defense. she has a right to be bitter over the grammys and her career but she is DEFINITELY not the only artist who has suffered insurmountable criticism. i hope she's going to therapy and getting help because some thoughts do not need to be projected when you have a platform like lana's.
  11. why the t-shirts gotta be $40 ma'am guess ill be getting a postcard
  12. i cannot believe lanaboards didnt already have a thread for these guys... i've stanned since SATIII and i dont plan on stopping! GINGER is tied with NFR for album of the year tbfh
  13. ok now i'm listening to California again and...perhaps it's top 5 of NFR
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