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  1. Girls is so good! She's so massively underrated it's unfair Spotify / Apple Music
  2. True Romance


    Here's some stuff from the AMA! About Heaven and Dangerous: Also, she said she's trying to release the Gimme More Remix: About a possible TP Deluxe: She also said if she could do another music video for a song from the album it would be Venom or Serial Killer. There were so many questions about the Dog House video, and she didn't answer even one LOL
  3. True Romance


    She is currently doing a AMA on r/popheads
  4. there's already a thread here, but it hasn't been active
  5. True Romance


    I wasn’t feeling it at first but after a few listens it’s really grown on me, I’m looking forward to the new album
  6. True Romance


    The album is still so fresh after all this time. She really outdid herself
  7. True Romance


    Idk why y’all are complaining I really love it so much omg… this is perfect I definitely see the comparisons to at the holiday party (and daddy’s home in general), I actually noticed that they sounded similar before I even checked this thread. But Daddy’s Home is my favorite album the year so far so maybe that’s why I’m loving this song
  8. she has a new song out! Also make sure to stream this today yas #gayrights
  9. Daddy’s Home is her best work me thinks. I’ve been listening to it every day since it came out. I am so addicted
  10. After listening to all of the songs on repeat for days I can confirm Wildflower Wildfire is the best one!
  11. this song is perfect and i'm obsessed. all the stuff she's been putting out lately is 10/10
  12. Yeah I was a bit disappointed at first because nothing really stood out to me the same way the singles did, but i've been listening a few more times and it's already starting to grow on me. overall it's not groundbreaking but it's cute!
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