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  1. rare


    hyd - belive in love (prod by sophie) https://dbree.org/v/8a644
  2. rare

    Charli XCX

    this is clearly the i want acapella over some random instrumental pls
  3. rare


    someone on leakth.is was selling 5 songs some time ago, and it was: dont be too soft on me, first time, no choice, only one and set it off, but it was always listed as (feat. unknown)
  4. rare


    good things going on - https://dbree.org/v/8f719f its different from the version that was -played on rinsefm but i dont know what to call it
  5. rare

    Melanie Martinez

    can you download it and post it without the #? i’m on my phone so i can’t rename the file and it doesn’t download properly
  6. rare

    Melanie Martinez

    so just to be crystal clear this is the autotuned demo - https://dbree.org/v/d6f0de and this is the demo without autotune - https://dbree.org/v/14c58d and they are both different versions of the song …right?
  7. rare

    Melanie Martinez

    give me solo i scream and i’ll do it
  8. rare

    FKA twigs

    what REALLY bothers me about don’t judge me is that we got “judge me (interlude)” on april 2020, then she basically rereleased the song as her own 9 months later, without really adding much to it in her part, since she sings basically the same thing also i kinda prefer the mixing on the interlude
  9. rare

    Melanie Martinez

    no but it is, melanie fucked with it herself by making it so bad
  10. rare

    Melanie Martinez

    audible ring pop snippet yall https://dbree.org/v/36084e edit: ima reup without the # so yall can listen on dbree here https://dbree.org/v/5f8b60
  11. rare


    from eclipse Slayyyter - Over This! / 2021.05.07 was kinda hoping that dog house would be the next one but ok
  12. rare

    Melanie Martinez

    so there’s a guy on leaked.is that just leaked a bebe song and an avicii one and he just posted this nurses office mix so i’m guessing that it might be real?
  13. rare

    Melanie Martinez

    ok but it kinda slaps i’m keeping it
  14. rare

    Melanie Martinez

    so zzzz final and the demo leaked, but theres still the concept demo left to leak right?
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