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  1. Rancho Catastrophe vinyl available for preorder! Looks really cute! https://shop.terrorjunior.com/products/rancho-catastrophe-vinyl
  2. I may or may not have snatched t.A.T.u and Ari, I guess I can't really be sure until I receive a dispatch email snsnnsnsn. Also if anyone knows an EU-based store that is selling the Shygirl one, please let me know! <3
  3. Kylie delivered, whew! It's a faithful cover which I'm actually quite happy about, and somehow it's still so Kylie. What I would give for an entire Kylie album with that kind of sound and production instead of whatever her last two albums were.
  4. If I liked Chromatica, I would definitely get the new deluxe because it seems to be really well made (although I personally think the black vinyl version looks better than the yellow one), but that album ain't for me anyway. Feels a bit rude to release those cheap ass transparent/silver/picture disc versions that only came in a plastic sleeve first and then, an entire year later, give the album the vinyl treatment that it should've got from the beginning, but oh well... Myself, I definitely wanna get t.A.T.u – 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane (first time it's ever available on vinyl, I think) and the Ariana live album. I might also get the Shygirl EP if I can find it somewhere. I'm a bit bummed that for the second year in a row, there don't seem to be any RSD-related Madonna releases (unless they do something for RSD Black Friday again). In 2019, we got the I Rise remix EP as well as gorgeous replicas of the original Japanese La Isla Bonita and True Blue EPs on coloured vinyl; in 2018, there was the You Can Dance remix album as well as a really cute picture disc version of her debut album; and in 2016, they released a cute little EP called Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits (again, a replica of the 1984 Japan-only release). So because of that, I've always associated Madonna with Record Store Day, and it would be great if they continued these kind of releases – like, I would die for a cute Justify My Love remix EP on coloured vinyl, or maybe even some Erotica-era stuff. Hopefully in the future!
  5. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    Can't say that I get the concept behind the video, but... We had no choice but to stan.
  6. So the admin of my absolute favourite Twitter page came out as genderfluid through a shitpost today and I think this is very beautiful and inspiring and powerful. You won't really get any of those unless you've played Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, but it made me smile and I wanted to share it lol. Happy Pride y'all!
  7. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    Especially next to the other covers:
  8. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    It's official!
  9. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    Double post, sue me lol. Love Again single cover. It's... interesting? I actually think the picture itself is kind of a serve, but what did they do to her logo snsnsns? Music video to be announced tomorrow, apparently produced by the same company that did the Physical video. BlackoutZone says it's a serve and she's not wearing that makeup in most of it.
  10. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    Just remembered the existence of that FKA Twigs x Dua collab that STILL hasn't been officially released.
  11. I like the concept, but this remix is... not it.
  12. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    Can the basement they run Billboard out of collapse already?
  13. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    Billbored is OVER for this mess!
  14. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    She should have it in the bag: Some more cool data:
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