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  1. I don't think Lana would collab w Taylor bc she tries to imitate her and I doubt she finds it flattering not trying to start drama it's just the truth
  2. Zella Day said “10 days” on her Twitter but I haven’t been keeping up w her so idk what it’s for feel free to ignore this, but she also tweeted a pic w two pairs of feet in it maybe one is Lana??? Oh wow look how crazy I sound I don’t even care
  3. this thread is so dead that i'm actually doing work on my essay rn..... lanaboards you failed me
  4. she looks so cute also am I dreaming or does her hair look tinted like pink/red or purple I can’t tell but omg if it is...... we need professional photoshoots with it pls immediately
  5. Is 10 years enough tho?? I feel like it needs to be a little more... believe me I am #1 BTD stan but I feel like it’s too early for something this big
  6. I wanna see the rest of the outfit! She looks cute
  7. YES baduizm is one of my favorite albums of all time, other side of the game always reminds me of blue jeans and whatever mysterious figure she is singing about throughout BTD imagine if she went in that direction or even like Jill Scott idk I’ll take anything Lana PLEASe hear me!!
  8. Ooh I didn’t know he worked with her as well! She is listed as one of the sample songs to study so I guess that makes sense, but Lana already covered BUWYGF so I figured she could be trying something similar in the rnb sphere since she followed Mike Dean. I thought this was probably for a music video or something since there’s song examples given to study, the recorded song probably already exists and I don’t know why gender would be important when you’re recording a song since the person behind the instrument is essentially invisible to the listener. Idk we will just have to wait and see but I really hope this is for Lana!!
  9. I’m not super familiar with Mike Dean’s work, if anyone is does he have songs similar to the thing Byron posted?? It was like ariana break up w ur gf, alicia you don’t know my name, Ella mai not another love song, h.e.r. Damage i feel like everyone keeps ignoring that but this could essentially be the sound of the new record revealed to us already lol
  10. These don't really match the energy of BB tho (at least from what we've heard..) maybe RCS really is a separate project? Maybe they're EPs?? Idk Cola and Bel Air are on the same album so I know she can balance stuff like that guess anything is possible I just really don't know what to expect she's crazy someone on here needs to attend and then report back
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