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  1. Maybe she’s hiding a whole pregnancy behind this rushed release and fur coat And I’m absolutely here for it.
  2. Using a screenshot from a live performance of one the most bland songs she's released in her career... At this point, I don't think she deserves these covers if she's gonna shit on real artistic efforts and intelligence, that people in this industry actually strive for. I could've overlooked the French Rolling Stone cover as a mistake, but recreating this mess a second time was an abomination for me.
  3. People... Seriously, I haven't won anything since 2011, and the fact that this happened during one of my worst days this year so far... @rightofjupiter is truly Godsent I will be debuting this face in the Pictures of You thread as soon as I get my hands on this CD, signed by Jesus HERSELF An event like this deserves my first public appearance
  4. "Yosemite", "Breaking Up Slowly" and "White Dress", a rock-solid trinity
  5. Is the only thing we're getting from the Neil Krug shoot this era is just Lana laying on different surfaces in different angles?
  6. Harper’s Baazar, she’s covering “revenge” issue
  7. I love the energy she’s giving, but the last time she announced an album release date out of spite was the COCC album announcement in the rant last summer, and the date was September... and look where we are today
  8. Can you or someone please repost this? The link is down. Thank you in advance!
  9. HeadBitch

    Kali Uchis

    Can ya'll believe this? I can't process the fact that my favorite song off the album is about to be a global smash and will no longer be my little indie underground anthem. We love to see historical moments from legends only.
  10. I'm convinced it's from this shoot (LA Times cover, shot by Jay L. Clendenin)
  11. "No, Charlie! I promised to myself I would give them nothing this era "
  12. HeadBitch

    Charli XCX

    Sorry, I had no idea this existed or happened. I've only hear the fanmade mixes with the song from live shows.
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