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  1. I'm sorry these songs blow cocc out of the water both production wise and lyrically. And the single covers are obviously a publicity stunt. tiktok blows up every time she uses that selfie
  2. Am I the only one who thinks this song is about her trying to become her own person and not repeat her mother’s mistakes I haven’t read the rest of the thread
  3. the only thing that implies anything is going to happen is the BB mv snippet. but the rest means nothing. and it still probably isnt happening
  4. The Greatest

    Taylor Swift

    I’ll see if I can get more intel haha I’m sorry that I got you excited for nothing 😭
  5. The Greatest

    Taylor Swift

    Apparently that’s the festival of midsummer (sp?) which she’s been teasing
  6. I’m getting all Lana albums in the future are social experiments vibes
  7. I didn’t say that because I necessarily believed it but because I think it’s a genuine question that could have been easily resolved without making things awkward
  8. I wish the fans had asked her if they’re two different albums on her live
  9. I don’t believe the cover album was ever going to happen. The only thing that makes me think RCS and BB are the same thing is that she used the same selfie for both the “album covers”
  10. The Greatest

    Taylor Swift

    New third album release date June 25th get hype y’all!
  11. The Greatest

    Taylor Swift

    hmmmm i never thought of that
  12. The Greatest

    Taylor Swift

    im a clown lol but I don't regret it I WAS BORED
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