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  1. you can't yap about wanting her REVENGE~~!uhu~h album and then get scared that she might acknowledge QfTC, don't be pussies
  2. So judging by the overwhelmingly positive reactions both LFL and NFR got at release, COCC is the first album where a larger portion of fans were underwhelmed, so what's with all these dramatics? Negative ass bitches
  3. That insider on twitter @diorleak saying she's collabing with A$AP and everyone freaking out...are they a legit insider from before or what
  4. Said he's come back every May manifesting the single in May
  5. so many people that were trashing the COCC cover when she revealed it, ended up getting every possible version (as per the merch thread) so idk if i buy that for most people in this thread
  6. if we do get an album in July after only a 4 month wait, this will be her shortest and best pre-release, unlike NFR and COCC or even LFL for that matter and all of you will eat it up
  7. it's been happening for a couple of years now lmao, queen edit: NFR is a turd
  8. These alleged leaks always have to be super fucking LQ, yeah right
  9. It's not giving me Honeymoon 2.0 vibes, but i'll pretend it does
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