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  1. Prior to West Coast's release we knew (at least to my knowledge) very little about the process so it wasn't worrying. Only later during promo did we learn that execs actually wanted her to work with Adele producers and hated the Auerbach stuff, told her to stick to the Paradise sound etc. I guarantee that if we did know what was going on, everybody would be freaking out during UV pre-release as well. UV pre-release was also unprecedented so it's hard to compare the two. I guess they trust her process now more than ever so she's running free and does whatever she wants. Nonetheless we're still here
  2. I'm still utterly traumatized by LFL pre-release (leaks, May 26, "July 21 fam" 6 months delay due to Change) I'd rather feel lowkey (like right now) than starved and confused
  3. I once made a brave status here that said "if you loved Million Dollar Man but hate 24 - that means you never loved Million Dollar Man in the first place" And I feel like the same thing goes for the universal Hope praise but mixed enthusiasm for these 3 singles. Give these songs a chance to change you
  4. I wonder if she's staying silent on purpose? So that the music speaks for itself? Will it be a silent era altogether?
  5. Yes! Especially with both BB and the Mothers Day post mentioning her girlfriends. Maybe she never really figured out what issues she developed growing up but friendships (and hopefully therapy) helped her realize. I'm so happy she's growing as a person
  6. Text Book is for all my besties with undiagnosed SEVERE daddy issues. We finally have a proper dad song Also is this lyric about Pat and her influence of Lana too? "And then there was the issue of her / I didn't even like myself, or love the life I had"
  7. Literally. Text Book's chorus feels personal and yet still like a statement, both intertwined together in perfect harmony. With LFL it was only statements. Now she's looking DEEP within and asks important questions.
  8. I love these new songs so much. True singer songwriter spirit. She's SO talented. Her craft will only blossom more and more in the upcoming years. Never been more proud of her
  9. I would have never in a million years think that we'd say that EVER but i wholeheartedly agree. It's much more fun when she's pushing her music on Instagram at random times. Her seemingly being over COCC already makes me sad for some reason.
  10. That's so cute and generous of you aw International so I won't enter but good luck to the US lipsters
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