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  1. The fact is Lana is one of the most creative and prolific artists ever and she's made the deliberate choice not to play the game the way she's "supposed" to and we should all accept that and be happy that she's found a way to navigate the industry in her own way. She's obviously not a mean spirited person and I don't think she posts fake dates to purposely upset us. She gets excited about things and announces them too early, and then either red tape or her own indecision or both lead to delays. It's not the end of the world at all and I really don't know why after a whole decade people are still expecting anything different from her. Accept her for who she is and enjoy the brilliant art as it comes. The best ones lost their minds, so I'm not gonna change, I'll stay the same.
  2. I actually think Chemtrails over the Country Club is an amazing title, and the album very much has a central theme throughout. It's about her growing resentment of fame and her desire to return to a simpler life. The title represents that unsettling unease that hangs over her everyday life and I think this theme is present on the majority of the tracks, sometimes explicitly and sometimes subtly.
  3. That's true LOL. Still the caption could be an interesting glimpse into her mindset, but it could also mean nothing at all.
  4. Maybe this is Lana's horror album, as a metaphor for the way she's felt throughout the past decade from the media's treatment of her. Mike Dean's solo albums have a lot of 80s horror synth vibes, and she captioned that Bodega Bae picture "waiting for the birds to attack." It would be something unexpected and new for her. She starts with Blue Banisters which sounds like a classic emotional Lana song before everything falls apart as her banisters remain unpainted, another blow in a long string of false hope that she's experienced navigating the industry.
  5. I'm listening to Mike Dean's solo albums and they're so good!
  6. I'm so here for the uncertainty around this project. The fact that this is happening right after we just got an album is amazing so I really don't mind the mystery and the vague descriptions, it's so exciting! Chemtrails is a classy masterpiece that will have no trouble standing the test of time. She's clearly in no creative slump so I am more than willing to trust the process and eagerly anticipate whatever it is that she's bringing us next.
  7. Omg I love this theory soo much. She also said right after NFR that she'd love to surprise release an album, so imagine if the surprise was that there are TWO. We would all collapse and never recover LOL I won't get my hopes up because this is definitely unlikely, but the evidence does make sense and it would truly be an iconic move from an iconic artist.
  8. So true! I really can't believe we're getting another album so soon after something this good. I'm so excited!!
  9. Probably no one cares anymore now that we're in a new era but I'm gonna throw some love to this masterpiece anyways because I never really posted my full review in this thread. This album really is going to age sooo beautifully, everything about it is exquisite. It's very calming but also so detailed and dynamic. Peaceful but heartbreaking too. White Dress really is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It just hits so hard every single time. One of the most beautiful songs to ever explore the feeling of nostalgia. I love the way she sings it, and the repeated references to music are so special. Unique and spectacular. Chemtrails remains as brilliant as it was when it first came out. Like a tornado coming and throwing us into the deep end. The contrast between the lyrical appreciation of the simple aspects of life, while an unsettling feeling builds beneath the surface is just stunning. Tulsa Jesus Freak is soo good. Even though it's one of the more upbeat tracks, it somehow is getting sadder to me as time goes on. Like a memory of a simpler time when she thought that things would be white hot forever, but it's just an illusion at this point. The way the autotune throws her voice off at the end makes me feel like it's a film reel that's been scratched and skipping, and the layering as the song progresses is so subtly chaotic. Let Me Love You Like a Woman has been beautiful since day one, and works even better in context of the album. A really warm and lovely song. Wild at Heart is one of my favourites to just blast and drift away to. It somehow evokes both David Lynch energy and Live Laugh Love at the same time. Dark But Just a Game is another favourite for sure. Everything about the production on this track is so perfect to me. Sweet w-whatever baby is so addictive, and the way the song switches between the deeper beats and the folkier chorus works so well. An incredibly strong rejection of fame. Not All Those Who Wander is so warm and simple and perfect. There's definitely a bit of darkness beneath the surface that I can't fully grasp my head around, but it makes the song even more interesting because the overall sound is so gentle. Yosemite is a definite standout, the climax of the album in some ways. One of her best songs ever that took a few listens to really hit but once it did, WOW. The chorus is so peaceful, but there's such a lingering sadness to the song that breaks my heart. The bridge is an easy highlight of her whole discography, I get chills every time. Breaking Up Slowly is by far the most underrated track and it disturbs me to see some of the rude things some people say about Nikki Lane. This song is such a brutal gut punch right after Yosemite, and an absolutely crucial moment on the album. Nikki's inclusion is so important, like she's a friend who comes to help through the darkest moment of this journey, or like Lana's taking comfort by listening to the radio and feeling a connection to the tragedies of her idols like Tammy Wynette. Dance Til We Die is so awesome and the perfect place for the album to be leading to. I love the shoutouts to the other icons, it feels like she's rightfully claiming her own seat at the table. My only criticism is that I wish the bridge was longer because it's just so good, but I get why it's not. This song is so needed after the heartbreak of the previous two tracks, and a beautiful ode to the friendships that get us through the darkest times. For Free is a really beautiful cover and I think it closes the album out perfectly. So much of this album is about Lana's relationship to fame, and this song explores those themes really beautifully. By inviting Zella and Weyes to join her, she's really embracing the community of musicians that she's been seeking for so long and has finally found, and is now extending it even further to others. I love this album so much, it's 10's across the board for me and I am so thankful that it's a regular part of my life now, and will be forever.
  10. Me too! I've been trying to take a little break but I missed it here and now that we're officially in pre-release I'm sure I'll be really active again LOL
  11. If there is a song we already know on the album, my guess is Roses Bloom For You. Lyrically it's very in line with her dismissal of what people think of her. The perfect kind of revenge against the haters.
  12. These lyrics are so stunning. It sounds to me like Blue Banisters are a metaphor for false promises.
  13. Said he'd fix my weather vane, give me children, take away my pain, and paint my banisters blue...
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