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  1. I don't think that applies to Lana. She's an icon with a huge fanbase around the world that will stick with her forever. If her label decides that they don't care about first week sales, the album will definitely make good money with physical sales down the line, especially if the music is good, which it always is.
  2. Maybe this chaotic last minute re-shuffle was always a part of her plan LOL
  3. BoZ: "I won't judge as I haven't heard new stuff yet, but she did remove something I really hoped would make it...I will post some fun facts sometime once the album is out"
  4. I'm fine with a title change but "she removed most of the originally planned songs" is deeply confusing.
  5. There is nothing safe or muted about NFR. It's complex, dark, warm, emotional, and thrilling. An absolutely gorgeous work of art from start to finish.
  6. Not just Lana's best song, but one of THE best songs of all time. The fact that this could be an unpopular opinion disturbs me LOL
  7. Just listened to this album on my balcony in the sun and it is so majestic and comforting. Truly sublime
  8. I'd love Lana to come on the forum to tell her that she's doing amazing and is the greatest artist of all time for a lot of people and that I'm so happy she's found a way to balance creating beautiful art and also creating a life for herself that she actually wants to live without some of the unsustainable pressures that come from fame and expectations in the music industry.
  9. I used to listen to this record at my grandma's cottage when I was little, I haven't heard it in forever! Thanks for posting, it's so good
  10. I think we need to accept the fact that there's going to be a lot of silence from her around this album. I really think this is her revenge. Not so much against the fans, but her conflict with the media is important and if we have to deal with a lack of info as a result I'm all here for it. Her words have been twisted for her entire career, so I respect her for releasing really powerful and personal music and now refusing to say anything about it. If she can't speak without being attacked for everything she says, then let her silence make the statement.
  11. Was it not clear that June 1st wasn't a thing when she posted after that album was coming July 4th? And then she blessed us with 3 surprise masterpieces before the original date of June 1st.
  12. I love hearing new Lana songs in my dreams I'm always super impressed with my mind after dreams like that LOL like did I really create that masterpiece in my sleep?
  13. I love yours too! Lana's writing is so layered and often has multiple interpretations that work so well together
  14. It gives me this haunting image of her wandering the hospital halls barefoot, and then even after she's left she still feels that sand/dirt on her feet from the hospital floors, like she can't fully wash away that memory.
  15. I couldn't care less if people don't like Lana's newer music (sucks to be them ) but it definitely is exhausting when the criticism isn't constructive or engaging but just rude. We don't really need to repeatedly hear people say "flop this, Nikki Roach that, this person sucks, that person is lazy, etc etc." Trashing the work isn't the same as discussing it.
  16. Hospital sand still on my feet is such a brilliant and evocative lyric. Truly haunting
  17. I actually love Blue Banisters as an opening track. Even though the intro is really abrupt, I think it would work so well because these songs are a really new sound for Lana and I like being thrown right into the deep end like that. The song is so emotional but also warm, and I think encompasses a lot of the feelings that the album will have. It's like an acknowledgment that she'll be exploring deep and dark themes on the record, but assures us and herself that she has her loved ones right beside her as she embarks on this journey and we know from the beginning that she'll be okay in the end.
  18. Agreed! I think what she's doing right now is pretty genius. I would love so much if every song on the album had it's own edit of the cover LOL
  19. I hope the selfie is the album cover at this point.
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