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  1. that post may have been an announcement for BB as a single, with the album RCS being out in July
  2. credit to @ sznsmaychange on twitter this is stunning clay being a striking example of masculinity, firm in his verticality
  3. Clay posted a photo of him in that outfit back in NOVEMBER... She really said fuck Chemtrails
  4. was about to buy the standard so I yelped when she released the gold edition but $10 shipping for the vinyl that probably won't come till August JEEZ very humbling experience for someone who lives in the U.S.
  5. finally got around to swapping all of my inner sleeves for the MoFi ones and decided to write down all of them as well, shit took over an hour and now my back hurts My Collection if anyone cares:
  6. of course she posts this right as I fell asleep I low-key like it tho it reminds me of the fanmade sirens cover
  7. yes but only when she's in wolf form
  8. he probably gets so excited being able to fuck anyone after dropping Lena Dunham that he just pounds the living shit out of people, id allow him to use my anal blood as lube ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. does anyone know when/if they're restocking the OOEPUI vinyl again? I dont know if I should splurge now and pay $80+ or wait till its restocked
  10. and people try to say Lana isn't one of the most influential artists of our time...
  11. the final sentence in AG's post pain.
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