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  1. I'm confused about this whole dolby atmos thing. I downloaded a couple of pop hits and Chromatica with this Dolby update, and I listened to it with my (to my knowledge) pretty good headphones but I only perceived small differences. While others online act like it completely changes the listening experience. So I don't know .
  2. Exactly. It's good that he acknowledges these new artists, it is a tough industry to break into so it must feel nice when someone who has made it praises you & lets you know you are appreciated in professional circles as well.
  3. Isn't it possible that as a musician Elton John is just passionate about music and so he tries to keep up and not be one of those annoying people who screams that "today's music sucks and quality music was made in previous decades"? Like I don't know the guy but it's good that he is open to discovering new stuff instead of being closed off and remaining in his bubble as most people do.
  4. Creyk

    Lady Gaga

    Happy Birthday to her best song ever Heavy Metal Lover! She will never top it and I have made my peace with that.
  5. I listen to Valley Of The Dolls way more than NFR (title track). I just really like the very calm atmosphere of the song .
  6. I loooooooved it when the main aesthetic of her music was about honoring lost love and I don't care what anyone says! Those songs still give me all the feels.
  7. Teachers usually make horrible parents because they have to deal with kids bs all day and they develop this stance of "the teacher is right, the child is wrong" and then they preserve this attitude even in their home life when their own child needs their support. But they don't give that, instead when there is a school-related conflict they take the school's side and don't stand up for their kid and often even blame them, saying for sure the teacher is right and the child is wrong. This is a breeding ground for negative emotional wounds that then fester and have long-term effects. I am not surprised at all and Patty deserves to be dragged for her psycho behavior.
  8. Creyk

    Melanie Martinez

    Honorary shoutout to her most satanic song Tag, You're It! on page 666!
  9. Amazing news. I am excited! If it's anything like Hallucinogenics (yeah no way I wrote that right) then we are lucky.
  10. They said that about Blue Banisters, the song does have some similiar vibes with I Don't Wanna Go
  11. Creyk

    Melanie Martinez

    I'm confused by the thought process behind this? Why do you think shooting in a specific country ruined the movie? Like what does that influence? If they had a certain art direction and aestheic in mind they would achieve the same results anywhere they shoot, no? Like how could the location be so critical.
  12. I am so happy the songs are LONG! Gives more of a chance to a 6 minute long The Blackest Day level sad masterpiece being on the album.
  13. Creyk

    Lady Gaga

    That was 10 years ago She is not that girl anymore.
  14. Creyk

    Melanie Martinez

    It's so hard to keep up with all these leaks. I think the last one I listened to was psycho lovers.
  15. Creyk

    Lady Gaga

    It's better if Gaga doesn't try to be experimental. That is not where her strengths are.
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