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  1. the only people that had the right to be offended were the people she name dropped, everyone else is irrelevant, while i agree she went about it wrong, she didn't really say anything negative about them, she just threw them under the bus a lil bit
  2. tbh im glad she told the offended people to fuck off, she had nothing to apologize for imo, she would look silly if she backtracked
  3. i think it's depth, i was listening just the other day, and i was paying close attention to the instrumental while lana was singing and it felt so flat, like i was hearing instruments and noises but it wasn't conveying any feeling or emotion, it was just noise in the background, there wasn't really any real atmosphere or character in it's execution, or bass to tie it all together and make it seem alive... i love white dress but i noticed it a lot on this song in particular, even though i still love it
  4. didn't a leaker last year say that the COCC era was due to start and then nothing happened?
  5. NFR isn't too bad but COCC... i've even tried getting high while listening and it doesn't make it anymore interesting
  6. Terrence Loves Me


    lorde is one of those artists that has a very basic sound but does so much with what she has and is always delivering unique instrumentals, i'm so hyped for this album
  7. does he mean 2 weeks from today or 2 weaks from as a whole like 1 week and 3 days ??
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