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  1. For some reason the ATRL service is unavailable at the moment but I'll try and look through their posts when it works again and see what else I can find!
  2. Wow I didn't realise this! It's almost like Amy was passing on the torch
  3. It's nice looking at the old YouTube because it reminds me of a time before mukbangs, beauty community drama and hype house videos. What bliss it was.
  4. BTD, OTTR and Million Dollar Man are the holy trinity for me A timeless classic that I will force my future children to listen to <3
  5. About the hip-hop thing, I think everyone here has their own version of what type of hip-hop sound they want Lana to do. For example, I don't mind Lana doing hip-hop as long as it's in the same vein as OFTTR and not Summer Bummer (I felt like Lana was trying too hard to be 'hip' on that one). It all depends, really. But I don't think anyone is really against Lana going hip-hop in general.
  6. Lana is Lois trying to get us excited for her albums and we're all Stewie, tired of her lying to us over and over again
  7. So according to that insider yesterday it doesn't sound country and now the streets are saying it sounds like Yosemite? Where is all this coming from? I am confusion
  8. This person's description of how White Dress (?) sounded like Fine China is enough for me to believe they're just as bad as Lana when it comes to describing genres so I'm not that worried
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