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  1. I just can't take anymore of her whispering over jack's boring ass piano 😭😭 I want some fun & exciting music that suits my awful taste lol
  2. I want strings and production and love BTD, I don't want piano or jack and NFR is her worst album, and I want hip hop and love summer bummer lol
  3. I'm hoping for more relatable/creative lyrics on this album. Chemtrails had better songwriting than Norman, but I can't personally relate to most of it bc obviously I'm not famous. She's sung about fame plenty of times in the past, but it could usually be interpreted multiple ways, and I really miss digging through all the layers of meaning in her music and figuring out what it means to me. There's probably more to her newer lyrics that I'm not picking up on, but they just seem so straightforward to me and I'm ready for something more complex.
  4. Has anyone made a good edit or like a fake studio version of this performance of For Free?
  5. Lana's newer music doesn't make me feel anything
  6. Ugh I'd love a Hunky Dory inspired sound from Lana, it's my favorite Bowie album <3 Also I'm honestly really sad about the musical direction Lana has been heading. Not to be like "I hate Jack" but he just doesn't do Lana justice. Usually the instrumentation matches her vocals and her voice sounds like part of the instrumental, but lately (aka Norman & Chemtrails) it feels like her vocals and the instruments are totally separate. Idk if I'm making sense bc I'm drunk, but my point is that her music isn't an escape anymore. The magic, the ethereal atmosphere, is gone. It's just a voice over some toned down instruments. I can handle two dull albums, but even though I don't want to, I might have to unstan if RCS follows the same musical direction as Norman & Chemtrails ://
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/lanadelrey/comments/cwtsm8/lana_revealing_how_the_urban_outfitters_cover_was/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share "Watch me get on a boat"
  8. https://youtu.be/3DyLIqMCdj0 "The tiger will eat them" *chomp*
  9. 01. Born to Die 02. Ultraviolence 03. Paradise 04. Honeymoon 05. Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant 06. Lust for Life 07. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 08. Sirens 09. Norman Fucking Rockwell
  10. This thread is pretty dead, but I made a couple updates now that Chemtrails is out Edit: I didn't realize I already posted my new playlist in this thread, I was thinking it was in the COCC post release thread, and idk how to delete posts 🙃🙃
  11. I don't like Breaking Up Slowly or For Free (and I put Yosemite on my Lust for Life playlist) so here's a little Chemtrails playlist I've been listening to 01. Let Me Love You Like a Woman (live with the background singers) 02. Wild at Heart 03. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 04. Thunder 05. Tulsa Jesus Freak 06. White Dress 07. Valley of the Dolls (I thought it was a cute little interlude) 08. Dark But Just a Game 09. Hallucinogenics 10. Wanderlust 11. Dance Till We Die 12. Summertime The Gershwin Version I'm not totally sure about the order yet
  12. Has anybody rearranged the tracklist or added/taken out any songs?
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