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  1. I thought she was holding a baby and kissing it but now I realize I'm way off
  2. I can see that angle too. I do love that album very much, and even without that powerful production aspect the songs still stand out. But I cannot deny the power of the rich production from BtD, P, UV, and HM.
  3. I'm beginning to wonder if she's lost her way a bit. LFL was a bit of a mess. NFR was great but not the same caliber as her releases up to Honeymoon. COCC feels bland except for White Dress, the title track, and Yosemite. I feel like there was some sort of shift after Honeymoon but I don't know how to describe it.
  4. Blue Banisters and Wildflower Wildfire give me depression in the best way possible
  5. I think it's strange and borderline inappropriate to include the Black Lives Matter line in a song about her daddy issues. I like the song otherwise, but that part is so odd to me.
  6. Summer comes, winter goes Spring I skip, God knows. Summer comes, winter goes Spring I sleep, heaven knows
  7. not to butt in but freedom of speech only protects you from the government
  8. These songs are so beautiful. I have had a rough week with a few people passing away so these songs will help me a bit.
  9. fine china

    Text Book

    It's "Kind of wish I was with my father He could see us in all our splendor All the things I couldn’t want for him." Also I don't think it's open river but something like Old Mill River
  10. I took a break from this site since COCC release and I come back to three new songs? Girls I am going to pass out
  11. Favorite Lyrics from Each Song White Dress: "Summer, summer's almost gone. We were talking about life, we were sitting outside til dawn. But I would still go back if I could do it all again, I thought. Because it made me feel, made me feel like a god." Chemtrails Over the Country Club: "You're in the wind, I'm in the water. Nobody's son, nobody's daughter. Watching the chemtrails over the country club. Suburbia, Barbara Road Market. What to do next? Baby, what of it? White picket chemtrails over the country club." Tulsa Jesus Freak: "We should go back to Arkansas. Trade this body for that can of gin, like a little piece of heaven. No more candle in the wind." Let Me Love You Like a Woman: "I come from a small town, how bout you? I only mention it cuz I'm ready to leave L.A. and I want you to come. 80 miles north or south will do. I don't care where as long you're with me, and I'm with you." Wild at Heart: "Time after time, I think about leaving, but you know that I never do just cuz you keep me believing." Dark but Just a Game: "A pretty little fool to think exceptions to the rule just walk around like you and me, this way." Not All Who Wander Are Lost: "You talk to God like I do. I think you know the same secrets that I do." Yosemite: "I remember watching How Green Was My Valley. Then I was thinking "how deep was the canyon that you came from?" Television static was quite overwhelming. Was it because of the cabin and the candles in the wind?" Breaking Up Slowly: "I don't want to live with a life of regret. I don't wanna end up like Tammy Wynette." Dance Till We Die: "Clementine's not just a fruit. It's my daughter's chosen name." For Free: I don't have a favorite lyric because I don't really like it
  12. The Jack Be Nimble one stuck with me for no good reason at all. It's really weird seeing these again.
  13. I am so shook that you linked this because literally for years I was trying to remember this program that I had seen as a kid and had no idea how to find it. Wee Sing
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