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  1. oops nevermind someone already wrote this opinion
  2. Doll Harlow

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs. Norman Fucking Rockwell
  3. 2021 Lana is basically just that car selfie and her wishing happy birthday to people. Please do literally anything else.
  4. fka twigs. the only song i've liked is mary magdalene. i might try again though.
  5. People are really getting mad at her for writing "I love girls" as an instagram caption... what
  6. The concert sounded superb but I really wish it was live. Other than that very minor nitpick, I just want to say that she's really on top of her game lately. Her album is her best in a long time.
  7. She looks amazing. She should post more baddie knife selfies.
  8. RT. This album is amazing, wtf. I am shocked because it's great all the way through and there's not really a song I dislike.
  9. The music videos from the WWAFAWDWG era are so boring. While her music videos for the upcoming album are a bit of a mixed bag for me, they are an improvement.
  10. Doll Harlow

    Song vs. Song

    Wildflower Wildfire vs. God Knows I Tried
  11. 1. Shades of Cool 2. West Coast 3. Born to Die 4. Freak 5. Gods and Monsters Honorable mention: Honeymoon
  12. we didn't even get an album trailer either.
  13. All I can do is stare at her eyeshadow when I watch clips from this concert. It looks so beautiful. Has anyone ever replicated this look before?
  14. Said he'd come back every May Just to help me if I'd paint My banisters blue Blue banisters, ooooh
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