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  1. 88AYM

    Caroline Polachek

    She's been hanging with Holly Herndon and Arca and others lately, I do hope she's cooking LP2. Although after Bjork produced by Arca, I hope she's not producing for Caroline. I Like Arca's own stuff and what she did with Kelela, but Bjork's albums produced with her were the ones I less listened to.
  2. I never liked her but watching this definitely didn't help She feels so generic alt to me.
  3. 88AYM

    Caroline Polachek

    Yeah I don't get why she would do something like use a reverse mix as a filler but abnormal mix is AMAZING. Better than album version (it's the only song I skip by her)
  4. The irony of a movie called "Promising Young Woman" featuring Downhill Lullaby as the only official work Sky has done in the past recent times
  5. 88AYM

    Caroline Polachek

    Where the fuck is Hieroglyphics...
  6. 88AYM

    Róisín Murphy

    And it sounds so fucking good
  7. 88AYM

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Girl... Pop girls trying to claim authenticity
  8. 88AYM

    Lady Gaga

    I agree to everything else you said except that. I love Lana but she's as manufactured as most artists with a "stage name" out there. The whole trailer park, daddy's in prison, sundress starlet making poetry, "being crazy wild and free".... Girl. She IS selling a story, like most artists with a different stage name do.
  9. 88AYM

    Allie X

    Gurl did she forget her hard drive somewhere or use imnotgagaiswear as password or what? What's with that inundatio of leaks lol.
  10. 88AYM


    Cause that's her thing
  11. 88AYM

    Josef Salvat

    I'm having a lot of trouble liking a "new artist I discover"'s releases past the first big one as much as that first one. Makes sense? I read once an article about the effect of novelty, the way that creates expectations, and how that spoils the future experiences to the brain. Although I don't have this situation happen 100% with every artist, that's unfortunately what happens to me with JS I REALLY loved his first album, every single track. I replayed it many many times. The new album, I didn't feel it stood up to the first, but I still like what he's doing. His voice is amazing, and incredibly appealing.
  12. 88AYM

    Caroline Polachek

    I still love SOMETHING the best. It's such an amazing, unique and raw album. It mixes some antique and vintage sounds and treatments with futuristic elements. It's so great and genuine. Moth was really great too, but I felt it was a bit too short, and some of the last songs are kind of forgettable, sadly. I still listen to all their material to this day, and Something sticks out so uniquely <3
  13. 88AYM

    Caroline Polachek

    Well, she played it in WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 AT 23 UTC-03 – 05 UTC-03Lightning Lipgloss Life and she also played a couple of other sungs under the pseudonym Vertical Sunset (which is also a CEP song), and one of those songs was Insomnia, so I'm guessing Pang was already under production in that time. In fact, the composers seem to be herself, Dan Carey (who she collabed with in Chairlift before) and Danny L Harle. I'm guessing that after the good reception Ramona Lisa had, she has been interested on a solo music career, and producing and shaping stuff ever since. In fact, I somewhere read Patrick and her already knew Moth would be the final Chairlift record, since Patrick always wanted to just produce. I still don't understand, since she gave a lot of what was in Patrick's hands before, to Danny L Harle in Pang. I do know she does much more she takes credit of, and that's part of the music industry sadly, but I still feel Patrick and her make such an amazing amazing team.
  14. 88AYM

    Caroline Polachek

    Check the George Clanton rmx of Hey Big Eyes. It transfixes and dephases me so bad. I need a trip hop CP album so bad. Just imagine the melting pot CP is with all her influences. Bjork, Kate Bush, Enya... She recently twited this and it pains me: BTW, who would you guys like her to collab with? I'd love a collab with Glasser ,Kimbra, Lykke Li, Tei Shi, Empress Off, Julia Holter, El Perro del Mar, Bat For Lashes... So many alternate futures and realities...
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