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  1. lemme try Jump Rope or Crayons
  2. actually bjork did it first but
  3. the way she literally changed such a phresh and dope title for one we could easily get from artists like Florida Georgia Line circa 2012
  4. me in my laptop when the song finally drops and its not a boring ass piano ballad about getting rawed in the banisters
  5. I'm not unhinged or unhappy, I'm just wild
  6. expandableclitoris


    I think she just likes to write her music in an environment where they can 'breathe' and develop slowly, whereas Lana writes dozens of tracks in a row and quickly changes them She reminds me of Björk's style after her 3rd album, her 'spawn' was 6 albums in a period of 20 years
  7. expandableclitoris


    I was literally thinking about that last week. And the funny thing is they both released their first album at the same period of time.
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