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  1. Yes. Somebody's found it while looking for COCC tracklist.
  2. This forum does that every now and then. Idk what’s the reason behind this. Once I had a chance to sign in but forgot about it…they open registration not so often. Last time I saw it in December 2019… Edit: can somebody provide a screenshot?
  3. Every time we get some proper info, ATRL requires to sign in….I hate this site.
  4. I just saw that she's followed Colin Tilley on insta. He's a director of WAP (Cardi B), Circles (Post Malone), Alright (Kendrick Lamar), Peaches (Bieber).
  5. Something like Alison by Slowdive or anything in the vein of shoegaze.
  6. We’ve been talking about this for a couple of pages now, legend.
  7. It this is Phoebe Bridgers „I Know The End” type of screaming I’m gonna take this
  8. Not there’s a possibility of this being a poetry...lemme passs because I heard VBBOTG only once
  9. Someone said that she’s gonna sing about critics and qftq and it turned out being wrong so we won. I’m calm rn.
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