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  1. uhhh no the upside to all of this is that she's rushing all the COCC merch out so she can sell the vinyl for BB asap this is a good thing. the preorder is cvming
  2. idk where this all is but has anyone tried the pw's 4206969 sweetbanistersBB claytonrockarama thunderbirddaddy
  3. I don't complain about her music. I savor that shit. I do complain about her release dates, like politely. which, I still think is pretty fair from an objective standpoint. news mama
  4. she's gonna name it Catalina Vendetta Veranda Pasta which symbolically translates to. pure revenge while eating spaghetts on the veranda her alter ego for the era will be Catalina Vendetta, a dame with a revengeful vengeance. she also eats spaghett.
  5. the new album is now called. blueberry muffins. its symbolic for the ripeness of life in an earthy way with the blueberries and the muffin landscape of earth. it's a combination of blue banisters and rock candy sweet. the opening track will be called. sweet blueberry muffins and yes. the cookie photo will BE the album cover. but it's the deluxe version.
  6. if we get a vinyl delay i'll ironically be a bit happier because that means more time to manifest what kind we can get like a black, silver pearl or a cherry maroon marble or a peonie patterned violet or a textured gold or a starburst pattern from grey green and blue
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