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  1. I think its because the verse's melody sounds real simple, but then the chorus builds and lasts well, and yeah the bridge has great longing. i think it'll easily be one of her most remembered songs. the chorus really sells it imo
  2. i'm still very much in love w the songs and the stories that they share and their overall styles (like damn would u guys be ready for a rhythmn n blues Lana bc I for fucking sure am can u imagine how that'd get complimented w the heat rn) the issue for me is that the songs do share stories n I want to know more about them. so the silence is just blegh rn.
  3. feel like shit sending water sign telepathic vibes cmon come thru canca mama
  4. i just wanted to spread some good vibes rn. 3 tracks yes yup yup blue hoo hoo blue hooo greeeen graaaaaaaayyyyy
  5. do u think Lana thinks of her work like her children? or like her sisters?
  6. don't wanna sound like a virtue signaling beeyotch but there are some decent fans link us first Lana damn mal twitter stans fucking everything up
  7. of all the things you're able to make ur life better w the internet, why the hell is being annoying so prevalent. it's like the reversal of bullying, only this time no one gets smacked in the face for acting like a brat. the music's kinda wearing off for me. still real great, but listening to it less. wish we could've had a storyboard pieced by now.
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