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  1. Do you think I have earlier Amazion pressing? Sorry, I'm colour blind
  2. ItGirl

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    @Yosemite not only prices are different, but now her cart isn't working
  3. ItGirl

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    She changed prices in her EU store. 32€ for CD?!
  4. ItGirl

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Sooo... no vinyl?
  5. White Dress You likely spend more time occupied in your inner world than you do in engaging with your environment. Finding contentment with your circumstances has been difficult in the past, and you often second-guess yourself when you undergo stress. You’re analytical (especially concerning your feelings) and value music with unfiltered emotional expression. Song Recommendation: cellophane by FKA twigs
  6. I'm still waiting for Spotify PD. I hope it isn't lost...
  7. Do you think this autograph is real? I feel it's fake
  8. White Dress: 9.5/10 COCC: 10/10 Tulsa: 10/10 LMLYLAW: 8/10 Wild at Heart: 6/10 DBJAG: 8/10 NAWWAL: 9/10 Yosemite: 8.5/10 BUS: 10/10 DTWD: 8.5/10 For Free: 7/10 I don't know, maybe I'm drunk, but F*ck it I love it ♥
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