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  1. I forgot about Rosalía the other day. Was reminded of her when the radio played Malamente.
  2. Clampigirl


    Me too! The change felt a bit out of place at first but it turns into such a nice melody and now I really like it.
  3. Clampigirl


    @Venice Peach Yay, welcome to the thread!
  4. Clampigirl


    It's so funky with the bass and summery with the synth noises! The instruments sound so good that I'm not really paying attention to the lyrics at all lololol, hold on, I need to listent to it one more time...! Yooo wait, I completely forgot this song is like 6 minutes long! LOL "we can go out to a friend's house and get stooooned" I did not expect to hear that xP The second half is really chill, maybe they actually got high? x) It ends beautifully.
  5. Nope, I clearly hear "Stay on the path, Sylvia Plath".
  6. I'll have to go through the recent pages and sort out the spam. In the meantime, please try to keep it minimal! Like salvatore and many other users say every now and then, it can be hard to find information when there's lots of spam and posts that don't belong in this thread in between the pieces of info. So please do your bests and try to stay on topic!
  7. Clampigirl


    I just noticed that their official store is updated with new merch https://store.inhaler.band/
  8. Clampigirl


    Mystery song from last night was Who’s your money on?, their new single dropping tonight!!
  9. Definitely, this feels very surreal in a sense! I didn't believe her when she said we'd get the album in June because a) she seemed to be mad (and she had a right to be) and b) knowing Lana, we can't trust release dates until it's really official, haha. But then she goes ahead and posts a video snippet, a new album release date and BoZ starts saying the era will start soon. I would never have guessed this when Chemtrails just got out!
  10. Blue Banister single release on May 21st and album preorder on the same day, album release in July, let’s manifest
  11. I can already see the articles coming in... "The Summertime Sadness singer Lana Del Rey dropped a new single earlier today after being heavily criticized for a her "Question for the Culture" Instagram post a year ago and wearing a mesh mask during an ongoing pandemic."
  12. BoZ saying something about the era starting in two weeks? (week of May 17-23)
  13. My guess: Aphrodite saw the 2 weeks rumor as previously mentioned above, saw that May 21st is a Friday and made a a guess that Lana will drop something on that day. I can already see the countdowns starting in the next couple of posts...!
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