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  1. Not when twitter stans make up fake news
  2. @Bunny Mozart You know, that cover art you made a few pages back, I would’ve loved LOVED it if it was for Chemtrails, it’s absolutely stunning in its simplicity.
  3. And I might be in a very small minority, but I’m kinda hoping WW has its instrumental reworked for the album... I think it can become a little bit better, sound a little more greater.
  4. Yosemite does a wonderful job of letting the lyrics speak while having a “bombastic” instrumental at the same time. I wouldn’t mind hearing something similar on this album.
  5. I’m certain, too, that this will be another album with (piano driven) ballads. Quite the opposite of what I expected when I read “revenge album” and working with Mike Dean. The three singles are great though, especially the when it comes to lyrics, but... Hm, I don’t know. I kinda long for an album with less ballads next time, something to surprise me because I’m expecting her to, like, “only” write ballads in the future. But knowing me, I’ll probably happily take whatever she’s willing to put out.
  6. The way I check this thread once a day, tops... She really had me excited for a while there, now I’m just... eh. I guess I’ll hear something newsworthy when school has started and things are busy again.
  7. Billboard article about Jack, and he mentions working with Lana a little bit: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9603256/jack-antonoff-producers-now-digital-cover-interview/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social I remember watching Lana play [Joni Mitchell’s] “For Free” with Zella Day and Weyes Blood — this completely remarkable moment at the Hollywood Bowl [in 2019] — and her being like, “Let’s put this on the record!” Like, holy s--t! Of course! How could it not go on the record? That slipping of time — different generations of singers, playing songs of older artists they love at the Hollywood Bowl — of course that goes on [Chemtrails Over the Country Club]. Lana about Jack: “What can you say about Jack Antonoff? For me, the magic of working with Jack was that he had that contagious energy when I had nothing more to give. He dragged me into the studio, I riffed over four songs and never did another take on them again. It’s one of the first times I just ad-libbed and had fun without thinking about what would end up happening to the songs since I made my first record. (Maybe I did a little bit of that with Ultraviolence, but that was a long time ago.) Besides his contagious energy, Jack plays any and every instrument you could ever imagine, from steel pedal to drums. He’s like a one-man show. You get to choose the genre, and he plays it all out. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a producer myself — but when it comes to musicianship, his talent is one of a kind. I love him, everybody loves him, and he’s very deserving of his ever-growing prestige.”
  8. I think we only have live recordings
  9. F that lmao so unprofessional if they were to do that
  10. @Dominikx4 I would demand my money back if I haven’t received my order after 1 month. This really sucks, I’m sorry.
  11. Clampigirl

    Lana's Horcruxes

    1. This guitar 2. A white dress 3. Heart-shaped sunglasses 4. One false eyelash 5. The unicorn notebook 6. Her vape in pink crystals 7. Her typewriter
  12. How haven’t we reached the next page yet?
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