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  1. I want her to sing "can I be your wh*re now? or are you all too bored now? I just wanted to sing about my fucked up life, you just want me to be a fairytale wife" something sexy and explicit about how she should be able to sing about her own f*cking p*ssy and it not be "glamorizing sex" wah wah wah im ranting can't wait for. whatever may come!
  2. there’s so much beauty in having to wait - LDR it’s quite nice / exciting not knowing what is coming, and just bathing in these 3 beautiful songs.
  3. go look at her youtube banner and photo ?? 😭 what does it mean ?
  4. Lana is looking so happy & healthy tonight celebrating her friend Jen's birthday! her nails and lips look so cute. Jens sister posted a quick vid on insta (she also looks so much thinner in the face? not judging either, at all, just observation, like she looks almost like NFR era with the hair color too ❤️) sry this prolly Needs to be instagram thread oopsies
  5. OKAY idk why but I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS SO MUCH???? she looks HOT AF and SEXY and BADASS like she won't not f*ck someone the f*ck up? I prefer it black and white like this
  6. has anyone noticed Jens sisters tik tok? her name is ‘mackenziestith’ & she talked abt how she herself got a chin liposuction instead of a ‘kybella’ & she said one of her friends did kybella & it changed the shape of her face to be rounder ? & kept ranting about not doing kybella cuz it makes the face rounder. obviously it’s probably not lana she’s referring to bc lana is more friends with Jen, mackenzies sister, but lanas face recently has looked thinner since she did the livestream for COTCC. idk it isn’t anyone’s business & she looks stunning regardless so i’m just being nosy not critiquing LDR.
  7. ok so not to be in the drama but I bet Rob is here for Chucks baby birth, y'all think Patty gonna be flying in later this week or here already??? 🧐
  8. maybe the caption "3rd post is the charm minus drama" is about the drama of the 3 single selfies? idk
  9. these 3 songs are absolutely GodDreamHotSexyVulnerableFever these songs have been hitting me so deep lately ❤️ did she not delete the Cinnamon / In Your Car snippet which we later found was titled ‘LoveSong’ and we all freaked out. she’s stirring us up i feel
  10. okay has anyone wondered why she included the "tex and mex are in the bay" like I love it but average listeners or new listeners unfamiliar with Lanas music r prolly scratching their heads ?
  11. i adore these 3 songs from the new record, but being a Lana Fan since 2013/2014 i can’t help but wonder what she would have thought back then of the cover work of these singles ? is it supposed to be a joke ? is it supposed to be ‘not glam’ i just can’t connect the dots tbh & idk i wish she’d explain. not that artwork is the most important at all - but idk i miss the iconic artwork.
  12. some of you are committed to misunderstanding/mis-innerstanding her, and sure you can, but why do you stay around ? textbook (to me) is clearly one expressing a lot of vulnerability; equally one to provoke journalists, who ALSO create the narrative of labeling her as a ‘glamorous’ woman who sings about fake abuse/fake daddy issues (which those of us know is not true) the song to me read as a whole “she’s back to singing about daddy, lana is back at complaining about daddy, she has daddy/father issues, wah the thunder bird she likes OLD MEN, only privileged men drive old cars” it’s clear the me the line “let’s rewrite history, i’ll do this dance with you, you know i’m not that girl, you know i’ll never be’” is a SLIGHT jab. at least that is how i took it. so the journalist of the past who like extrapolating she is a fake sad girl or only likes a certain type of man has always been bullshit. she knows it. she just wrote how things WERE. and NOW she is writing how her life is NOW. she’s surrounded by girlfriends, she is at Black Lives Matter shouting into the crowd (which everyone was shouting in LA as it was a painful event & one where the collective wanted to help be there in a small way) i do not see how it could be offensive other than extrapolating her small line into something it is not. something white male journalists have done since 2013.
  13. I LOVE the songs so much, it feels like Blue Bannisters is 2 different songs melded into 1 or am I tasteless? im obsessed with the lyrics, they are so sharply slight like a knife, yet theres so much light through these songs, god it truly is so so authentic, and poetic. I love these songs and they ache in the most comforting way (kinda how I felt with UV) 😭🔮❤️🔥
  14. the 2nd snippet is giving me such ultraviolence vibes, idk what y'all are complaining about 🔥🔥🔮🔮
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