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  1. she published then deleted a selfie that had that as a caption so people think that mightve been a hint she let slide lol
  2. not expecting anything this week, specially considering how she has collabs in the jack album out on friday.
  3. Off to the Races — the lyrics provide witty rhymes, gorgeous imagery and smart storytelling while presenting her general themes of love and freedom, the vocal work showcases her range and the melody is both ominous and charming in a very Lana way. Alternatively, Happiness is a Butterfly: the "Hollywood and Vine, Black Rabbit in the alley/I just wanna hold you tight down the avenue" bit on its own sums up her work with how dramatic she sounds and the way in which she abridges East and West Coast in her imaginary America.
  4. Her delivery of "hot fire, hot weather, hot coffee" is just so catchy, I keep singing it.
  5. Janelle Monáe and the band King Gizzard withdrew too, I'm betting it has to do with business issues rather than schedule lol ...unless we're betting on blue banisters features from them
  6. This timetable fits early grammy campaign period, I could see her label supporting it to try and boost Chemtrails lol
  7. With the Thunder rumour and the snippet with an Afraid-like melody my top 4 unreleased is 50% fed so I hope there's some creepy stuff à la Big Bad Wolf or an I Talk to Jesus type beat track.
  8. this pre-release to me has been sparks of hype followed by intense boredom... and it's not even like we aren't getting any info, but it's all so inconclusive how are we not even sure of the title??
  9. "Here's the deal - cause I know you wanna talk about it" sounds like the perfect opening line to me so here's to hoping WW is the first song.
  10. oooh so that's why i wasn't finding it!! thank you.
  11. Does anyone remember which interview it was that Lana said she wanted to write a novel about a starlet who found a dead fan in her pool or something along the line? Looking up "Lana novel" or similar stuff only gets me Violet results
  12. Album July 4th. 15 tracks. Dealer, I Talk To Jesus, Thunder.
  13. reframe the narrative and it makes more sense: instead of "boz thinks it isn't delayed" it's "there's no confirmed delay" which might just be that the schedule is a mess rn and no one updated it in the system or whatever
  14. kacey musgraves playing in the background... it's a sign they're collabing again!
  15. ben, mike, blake, chuck, charlie and nikki can't either
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