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  1. AKA: Kill Kill BTD: Summertime Sadness Paradise: Ride UV: Cruel World HM: The Blackest Day LFL: Heroin NFR: Bartender COCC: Yosemite
  2. Mrs Puff

    Ariana Grande

    I still cant over her audacity to call Touch It """boring""" when its literally her best song
  3. I'm glad that the majority consensus of HIADT seems to have changed from "it's ugly/boring/lame" to people finally acknowledging that it's a masterpiece. It never deserved the hate it got in 2019 Though I do agree it's better within the context of the album and that choosing to release it as a stand-alone single was an odd choice. Nevertheless it's always been a v beautiful song
  4. What about that lyric makes you think she intended it to be her magnum opus? It's literally just a simple lyric
  5. She can't sing about snorting coke and chasing after sugar daddies forever, if she did it would feel like a regression imo. Sis is almost 36, let's not chastise her for wanting to have kids and a normal peaceful life like most people her age
  6. Mrs Puff

    Song vs. Song

    The Greatest vs California
  7. I used to listen to it when I would take the train to visit my parents in the tiny midwestern town they lived in. So it reminds me of the imagery I would see on the way; small houses, green grass, trees, summer nights, lakes, boats, people having barbecues in their yards, old Midwestern stores and restaurants in the downtown area, v wholesome imagery
  8. Mrs Puff

    Song vs. Song

    pawn shop blues vs fine china
  9. Mrs Puff

    Song vs. Song

    pawn shop blues vs wild on you/color blue
  10. Mrs Puff

    Lady Gaga

    She said Chromatica was originally gonna be called Free Woman on her apple music podcast Also I remember reading somewhere that her debut album back she was signed with Def Jam was gonna be called Retro Physical but then she changed it to The Fame after she signed with Interscope. But I have no idea if thats actually true tbh.
  11. My clown self scrolling through her friendship appreciation post on ig waiting for Lana to pop up
  12. The way that my nightmare came true I'm so distraught
  13. The "anyone can start again not thru love but thru revenge" outro of High by the Beach always speaks to my petty, vengeful, spiteful ass self Its so inspirational
  14. Mrs Puff

    Lady Gaga

    Chromatica remix album AND ARTPOP Act II finally happening??
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