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  1. I have a gut feeling Lana will do an interview with Melon (the needle drop) this album cycle. I can't wait. I'm living at the thought of that going down. The chaos. "You gave Born To Die a 2, ANTHONY, A 2!!"
  2. Pretending to be a Cancer is a cery Gemini thing to do
  3. her song Dear Elliot is about his suicide, I'm pretty sure. Lana spoke in a recent interview (it's on this site somewhere) about how influencial he was to her, and how his music is too triggering for her to listen too anymore. I only listen to his music whhen I want to ugly cry. I love it but it gets to me too much also
  4. gurl you are so right. bb will be its own thing and a wonderful masterpiece of it's own. We may bicker over which albums are the best out of her discography, but all of them are iconic compared to albums by other artists. lana is the creme of the crop
  5. A pisces and a cancer working on music together?? Its gonna be AMAZING
  6. jack really thought keeping audio errors on NAWWAL made it "real and honest" nah ah. none of that nonsense. I can't wait for the next album and some lively production
  7. I just hope her managers stop her from writing and releasing Gaza (World Peace In My Mind)
  8. I have to say I appreciate the delulu-ry (from us and lana) has kept me relatively sane having many dates to look forward to, has given me a real lust for life (pun intended). It wouldn't be a pre-release if it wasn't chaotic. Blue Bannisters will be released SOON, followed by only songs with colors in the titles. Her rainbow era
  9. I feel like this album will become a fan favorite later on in its shelf life ( quite like HM).Its introspective as hell but not quite as immediate in its importance. It’s a fine wine meant to be sipped upon and savored
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