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  1. the little cover animation on apple music rlly makes me love the cover tbh
  2. a lot of her unreleased stuff shows up on shazam I dont claim the energy of cherry blossom being on there. the only older song i want on there’s thee Roses Bloom For You
  3. TrashMagiq

    Rina Sawayama

    imagine rina x paramore... whew
  4. TrashMagiq

    Charli XCX

    i love 'i hate all this gravity', one of my fav leaks of the year tbh. i'm still kinda hoping she's doing a HIFN deluxe since the 1 year anniversary's soon but I doubt it's gonna happen
  5. they got rid of the busta rhymes sample in HOT HOT :/
  6. TrashMagiq


    must be coming very soon if he knows the exact amount of tracks and bonus tracks already. i'm so excited. my expectations are very high.
  7. TrashMagiq

    Charli XCX

    I've become so numb to the Jay Park verse in Unlock It. It feels like my brain is trained to just automatically focus on the instrumentals and blur out the vocals during his verse.
  8. TrashMagiq

    Charli XCX

    sdfjsdf yeah poor last.fm users tho
  9. If she does another cover I want it to be upbeat(ish). Doin' Time is the only cover on an album of hers that I don't usually skip when listening from front to back. I prefer Lana's slow songs over her more upbeat ones but her slow song covers are usually so boring. Doin' Time was something fun, something for the summertime.
  10. It's very possible that she's working with Mike Dean on new music rn, but I highly doubt he's involved in whatever album she's about to drop. again, didn't a fan who met her during her lil texas tour confirm she said "RCS" was a Jack prod. album?
  11. TrashMagiq

    Charli XCX

    but when is the No Boys Remix dropping
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