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  1. made an alt cover with the photo she posted before with blue banisters https://www.instagram.com/p/COMvMBxnwNf/
  2. I wanted an air fresher but girl $20 shipping for it.
  3. if its ok wanted to share a idea I had for cover art with all the bad press.
  4. couldn't help it had to get the Neil picture disc now up to 4 copies of the vinyl lol
  5. my Spotify vinyl came its so pretty https://www.instagram.com/p/CMmY0MSM7X9/
  6. https://ldrvillage.com/#/bookstore
  7. there is now shorts section in the clothes lol nothing there yet though
  8. the posters in the record store hope she sells those
  9. it just goes black now whenever I click anything
  10. just gonna say it this is the messiest era design wise to many miss match photos used in the design of the vinyls
  11. Don’t know if anyone cares but the Spotify vinyl still Says pre order not sold out https://store.universalmusic.com/lanadelrey/*/*/Spotify-Exclusive-Chemtrails-Over-The-Country-Club-Picture-Disc/6UJC0000000
  12. anyone posted that iTunes and Apple Music now says it comes out on the 21st?
  13. random but my Spotify picture disc was refunded? but I haven't had a cancellation email, anyone else had any issues?
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