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  1. https://www.nme.com/features/every-lana-del-rey-song-ranked-in-order-of-greatness-2906205 1) Seeing my fave song ever as the last of the rank 2) Radio better ranked than Honeymoon (the song) THE CLOWNERY High By the Beach being on the top 10 is the only right thing
  2. I really hope it's not the real album cover, it would make a horrible object as a vinyl or a cd, I love this picture but if she wants to use it I think it would be better without any text on it. Just the original unedited pic as the cover, like that : My theroy is that she associates that picture for RCS and then BB to show us it's the same album she just renamed, not two diff albums. I dare to think it's her "Work in Prgress" visual and not an album cover.
  3. OMG the snippet is amazing, I love the lyrics so much, it's beautiful. So happy to have a 2nd record that nearly from the MASTERPIECE that is COCC
  4. Thanks <3 I like the cassettes cards and the shadow girls Chemtrails one, + the orange Krug one might be a previous album cover idea
  5. I'm so lost, I hope this is not the real cover art, I don't think so. + Blue Banister is a boring title imo. I liked RCS more BUT I don't really care about all that, I'm just so happy to have new music
  6. Can you show us the post-cards ?
  7. pro-ordered the gold cassette, it's like a blind buy cause the packshot visual is horrible
  8. am i the only one that can add things on the basket ?
  9. The site doesn't work, I can't pre-order my golden cassette
  10. This album is still so big to me ; I listen to it almost everyday and I still discover new things in it. I love the two subtle parts of the record (WD->WaH / Dbjag->FF) and it's two diff comfort zones : the first is perfect for the morning and the second for the evening. Yosemite might be the one I love the most.
  11. yes, mine too, it's not very good, there's accidental silences on Dance Till We Die.
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