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  1. the visuals the sound we FUCKING WON for a change
  2. THE witchy era is coming
  3. Not the oversized tank top Wild At Heart dress being sold out already...I'm curious to see what it looks like on a human body
  4. My CD + art card came today and the signature is definitely fake... Litho, don't faaailll me nooowww
  5. I am absolutely obsessing over White Dress today. It truly is a career highlight of hers. I don't know how to explain it, but it's one of those songs I'm surprised got released because it seems like a song we shouldn't hear - she sounds like she's in so much pain and despair and wrote and sang the song as sort of a personal release, not necessarily for an album. (Of course, I'm so thankful she decided to record and release it!) I haven't felt this way about a Lana song since Fine China.
  6. Ariana’s positions album was the same way, I believe - CDs/digital first with the vinyl released later! If Lana truly wanted to release this album in June, she could.
  7. I actually wouldn't mind that IG post as an album cover a chaotic choice for a chaotic album Honestly, as long as it's JUST Lana on the cover, I'll be happy
  8. nvm she was in an Amazon locker? even though I didn't buy it on Amazon? Anyway she's here and beautiful, I don't know if I want to open it or not though. I was planning on having my black record with my signed litho be the record I play. The Neil cover and red vinyl is the only thing different, right?
  9. This song was an instant hit with me. Has that classic themed Lana lyricism I originally fell in love with her for. you should stay real close to jeeesus keep that bottle at your hand my maaan find your way back to my bed agaaain sing me like a bible hymn please tell me if all these gifs are against the rules and i'll delete, i don't want to get WP'd lol
  10. Alright ladies, what are we going to do to get a Kacey feature on a Tulsa Jesus Freak collab? Like what she did with Easy with Troye Sivan? Kacey would SLAY the second verse, and the slightly sarcastic and southern tone of the song is totally Kacey's vibe. And since Kacey and Lana already collabed for her Christmas show, it's not a completely delulu prospect! I'm officially starting a campaign! Catch me spamming Kacey's Insta comments
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