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  1. I'm huge fan of the behind the scenes stuff as well. So this was so cool to hear. We rarely get to hear the side of the producer/writers sometimes.
  2. You're very welcome. Thought it would be cool to share this backstory from Justin
  3. Chemtrails Over the Country Club (Urban Noize Remix) Artwork by @CHANEL #1
  4. Thank you so much for listening! Glad you enjoyed it! I'll dm you a download link. I need to have it uploaded on soundcloud as well
  5. Legendary rock artist Bruce Springsteen shared his praises for Lana Del Rey and her record Video Games on his SiriusXM DJ series "From My Home To Yours".
  6. Thank you very much! I figured people would want to see this instead of the entire video
  7. Right across from Dan, the guy who helped produced one of Lana's most acclaimed albums (Ultraviolence) up until that point.
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